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Guide:How to make a HTTP server on your pc

This guide will instruct you on how to make a diverse http server using minimum pc resources .

The server software that i choose was xitami .. why ?? Becasue it is free , easy to use and uses few resources plus it allows for throttling of server (Limit the speeds of the server) which can be very handy .

To start off .. first you will have to download the xitami server software . Download it here

This link is taken from ...

After downloading the file .. open it and copy the contents to any folder on your pc ...

Go to the directory where you copied the files and open the file xitami.aut using OPEN WITH notepad

This file contains the login/password for configuring your server ... you have to edit it ... pretty simple .. just need to edit 1 line ... # Admin=LinPopTea ... Change it to any login=password you want to keep .. remember before the = is login and after the = is password ... Also remember to remove the hash to make it active . It should look something like this .. I chose huzi as login and abc as password . Save the file ...

Time to start xitami ... To do this you will have to start xigui32.exe

You will notice a small icon ... in system try .. small green X . You server has started ... if you have a firewall like zonealarm .. the warning popups will come up asking for permission . Click on yes if this is the case .

Your server has started ... Now lets see what configurations it has to offer . Double click icon in the tray and choose setup ... that should open up your browser asking for login/pass .. enter the login/pass that you choose before in xitami.aut

This will let you enter the administration page of xitami .. it is all browser based .

Click on configuration to view the configuration screen. It has the basic options that you need to configure .

First of all the MAIN HTML DIRECTORY .. this is your servers relative root directory . By relative i mean that it has to be within the directory that holds xigui32.exe ... by default it is /webpages ... but you can change it to any other directory in your xitami folder . This directory is accesible from the internet ... If there is a index.html or default.html .. then if anyone types in their browser http://yourip (eg .. then this is the file that will show up ... but if you dont have index.html or default.html .. then it will show the contents of your /webpage folder .. usefull if you plan on using the folder for sharing files only

The MAX NO OF CONNECTIONS allows you to confine the max no of connections ... so if someone is downloading from you using download accelarator .. than this will limit the number of simultaneous connection he can have

The HTTP THROTTLE PIPE is a very usefull feature of xitami .. it lets you limit the speed at which people can download from you . This is usefull if you dont want to dedicate all your upload bandwidth to your server . I suggest that you keep this to no throttle if you are planning to upload to stryker

Another feature of xitami are deatiled logs ... find the folder logs in xitamis directory . There is a text file ... access.txt ... this shows the IPs of people who have accessed your server by date and time .. and which files they accessed

This is pretty much it .. you have a fully functional http server .. you can make it auto-start everytime you start windows by choosing autorun at login: box . It is very easy to shut the server .. right click the tray icon and choose TERMINATE ... and if you want to shut if temporarily choose suspend .

Hope you find this guide usefull
I think its copy-paste Wink
Please quote your posts while copying dude!

doesn't seem copy pasted to me...
niran: do u have a link?
I think, I went wrong! Rolling Eyes
My sincere apologies to both of you!

Sorry Franky!
Please forgive me!
Crying or Very sad

Thanks for this info.
I have been using the HOME server but will give this a try (like trying new stuff).
Never heared of it before.
haha, c & v, kill him!

thanks for your info mate

this is really-really helpfull for newbie like me Laughing Smile
Can we do one as well? I mean, do we need to have permission from our internet sevice provider in order to set up a server?
The best for me is "Easy PHP"

Download d software (it's free) n install it. That's all. It will install PHP, MySQL n Apache.

5 minutes n U r ready to access ur own HTTP server right in your PC
However, Easy PHP is not the same as setting up a server on your home pc. Easyphp only set up a virtual system for you to test out scripts on your home computer.
IMHO, this is not the best way to set up a HTTP server. Sure, it's a good way to test stuff out. But if I was to set up a HTTP server, I would use a LAMP solution.

Try XAMPP, it's really easy to set up for newbies.
exarkun wrote:
Can we do one as well? I mean, do we need to have permission from our internet sevice provider in order to set up a server?

Yup, all you need is public IP for accessing ur system from outside
niranvv wrote:
I think, I went wrong! Rolling Eyes
My sincere apologies to both of you!

Sorry Franky!
Please forgive me!
Crying or Very sad


np dude, most people think of copy paste cuz of the post size but infact its not copy paste
with my slow upload speed and Dymanic IP its foolish to do so... but thnx for the tutorial... is allwasy nice to learn some thing new...

but for testing perpose... i use easyphp as i am morre on php rather than any other web language... Smile
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