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Software Forums - based on phpBB


I have been working on this one for a few days now. It is now time to get some feedback.

I have a separate forum for each software category. Each software listing links to the forum for the program's category. There is a lot of potential here.

As of August 14th, 2006 - there are 0 posts in our forums, but that will change. I want users to post questions or feedback about programs in each category... If a user has a problem with any specific program, they should post a question in my forum - and perhaps another user could help them out.

Feel free to register and make some posts in any of the forums; please try to keep the posts in the right category. Once you're registered, you can configure to get email digests for any of the forums.
A big tip from big forum owners is to not have so many forums. You should of had more general categories, and when it's more active THEN you seperate it like it is now. This is to make the forum look less empty. It's a good idea for a forum though, I like it.
Hobbit wrote:
A big tip from big forum owners is to not have so many forums. You should of had more general categories, and when it's more active THEN you seperate it like it is now. This is to make the forum look less empty. It's a good idea for a forum though, I like it.

Ironic - I am reading "The Hobbit" this month ... just got out of the Mirkwood forest.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback - That's a good tip! I am currently looking at phpBB mods that create subforums. That is probably the way to go. If not that, maybe there's a way to hide empty forums in the index.
for now u should probaly just generalize the topics cause it looks very empty and there is alot of scrolling to get nowhere
Good things:
Template is good for easy reading, doesn't hurt my eyes.
Print topic button is something new (for me).
Google banner placement.
Content is good enough! I've checked few content directories - Ilike it.
Copyrights are alwys good Twisted Evil

Things to be better:
Add forum script quick reply. It's easier to post.
Impossible to write replies to unregistered user. Open it at least in one forum in every category.
To many categories...
Now, that's some good critique - Alie!

I have pruned down the forums - and I think that it makes sense to open each category's "Discussion" forum for unregistered users.

Most of the graphics were made by modifying the subSilver "SDK" PSD.

The print topic button is a mod that allows users to print topics -- changing the page layout before you print... I think it would be useful in some cases.

I'll look for the "quick reply" mod option and likely install that as well.
Which version of phpBB you use? I've used phpBB2 1.0.12 before tried Nuke - so I can give you already changed files. If not (any troubles with integration or something else....) - find it at, or I can PM you the direct link....
I am running the latest version of phpBB 2.0.21.

No problem with the templates - it is simple enough to follow the directions in the MOD text files. It only takes a few minutes to incorporate most mods - and the best part about applying your own mods is that you tend to learn some code along the way.

Thanks for the ideas and help.
Just another forum but i like the template. But why all category have the same forum topic.
...But why all category have the same forum topic

It seemed logical to have the sub-categories for each individual software category. Some of the other stuff (behind the scenes) searches for similar software within the same category. Another big thing is that featured software is configured to be able to display - based on software category.

So, for example - in the "Games and Entertainment" category - you have three sub-forums, "Questions and Answers", "Dissusion", and "Press Releases". Hypothetically, a software authors of a game could feature his programs in the page headers of any of these sub-forums.

Sounds good, no?

I am completely opened to more ideas - I'd like to keep discussions limited to software that I actually list on my site (there are only 32,631 titles now - so...).

I am working on a BBCode shortcut that allows you to link to a program or one of its attributes like screenshot or description or program icon. It doesn't currently work, but the idea would be to use [padid=28259]Example Program[/padid] - to make a link to program#28259 like: Example Program.
well, the forum seems real empty to me. but the site looks nice. Very Happy
I put in some code that will hide empty forums. If anybody posts, that forum category should then be visible from the main index (also, if last post in any topic is deleted, the topic will be hidden again). This should address any problems with too many topics - empty topics, etc.

I am just starting these forums out, so of course there are a lot of empty topics. I could use a little help here - if you have anything to say with respect to shareware / freeware you've downloaded (doesn't have to be from my site) - just to recommend a "best in category".

I've said this before, the categories are meant to mesh with the software categories that are on the main web. Of the 31,000+ titles, they are broken down into only 15 categories - each with three forums: "Q & A", "Discussion", "Press Releases". The BBCode enhancement for our forums is working - you can link to any program by [padid=###]program title[/padid].

Any category's "Discussion" forum is open to guests - if you don't want to register. Here's a link to the "unclassified software | Discussion".
Get an RSS feed for that forum from its page. Here's a link for the RSS feed for the same: unclassified software | Discussion

If you do register, there are plenty of features available: Email digest for any software forum, lots of avatars available. I am going to incorporate a points system and try to find something to give away... maybe some free publicity somehow - ideas???

I am opened to ideas. I've already hidden empty forums thanks to you guys!
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