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Are the BBCs correspondents abroad too white?

According to the BBCs new diversity executive, the BBC's team of foreign correspondents should come from the same ethnic background as the country they are reporting from.

She said on a BBC web site which i cant find the link to that "the 'cultural accuracy' among reporting staff was on her hitlist." She said there were too many white reporters reporting from non-white nations, particularly in Africa.

'I get tired of repeatedly seeing programmes where [the situation is] "here we are in Africa and here's a white person, saying well, look at these people".

'I would prefer to see somebody who understands that culture, understands what's going on and can say "look with me, because I am a part of this". It feels more authoritative and more involved.'

i was wondering what you all thought about this?
a reporter is a reporter, the job they are doing is not dependant on there ethnic backgrounds and i dont think it should matter either
Seconded...why all this absurb political correctness?

It's a very, very silly idea. Everything, including assigning reporting posts for BBC foreign correspondants, should be done by merit alone. Should one of the best white foreign correspondants on the BBC be taken off an assignment in Iraq because of the colour of their skin?
some people just are over-enthusiastic and go over board... maybe this lady is trying appease certain quarters / certain groups internal to BBc or outside... in any case this is stupid... if we go by this logic... journalists will never report from outside their own country! coz you never know.. this lady might tomorrow say that she wants reports from other countries done by citizens of those countries coz they would know more about the culture, situation, feeling, etc Smile stupid !
I agree somewhat. I don't think that making the race of the person you're getting the news from should really matter. I say higher the best person for the job. If that's someone of the same race as the people of the country they'll be working within, great! If not, that's also fine.
I agree.
The problem with so called political correctness is that it causes inequality
in every sphere of life.

The 'right person for the job' is the only fair way.
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