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My New Favorite Optical Dilusion

S3nd K3ys
Read this first:

Below is a two framed animated .gif

Stare at the black dot in the middle of the orange/blue picture... after 7 seconds it will turn into another photo for 4 seconds... don't take your eyes off the black dot but think about what you see... if you want do it a couple of times... so long as your eyes remain on the black dot on the 2nd picture... When you're ready, take your eyes off the black dot (not while on the orange/blue picture) and see what happens.

There are only 2 frames... the orange/blue one, and the second one- it just repeats forever.

Yikes, The picture turned into color. It was coloured. I'm not blind.

Halelujah, I can see the green grass and the blue sky and the grey castle.

Well for a few seconds. Wink
picture is changing too fast for me to figure out what it is Sad

P.S its an optical illusion not dilusion
Wouw!! That's pretty cool!!!! Shocked

I haven't seen that one before.. but once again the eye has been tricked Wink

I like that one!!

incredable that you can trick the eye to see colors!!! Shocked
ye that is cool

crazy! Cool
thats pretty cool. Its just the colours from the previous image stay on your retannas for a while after the image changes. its called retanna burn or something i think
nice! i've never seen this one before....

this is my fav

look anywhere and you will see the circles turning... wherever you look!!! try putting this as your wallpaper! i did.... and my head still hurts Smile

Woah, this is nice. Saved.

Very Happy
Hah, i didnt get it at first. lol untill i read that it changed colour :p.. Then i noticed Smile I tried to look round but it went back to black and white Sad .. then looked bak at the dot and it changes back to colour! lol.

Havnt see nthat 1 before Smile
this is a cool! i need more... Very Happy
I know one that is pretty Cool^^

First, u look at the 4 points on the picture during 30 seconds. After that, look at the light and close ur eye, you'll see something, or someone Wink

i really really like that one where the grass goes green and the one with the spinning wheels is well cool.

its great to see some optical illusions that work on a monitor, not all of the great ones do!

hey S3nd K3ys i see it it looks like it is colorful if you look at the black and white picture. That is awesome. Very Happy
The swirly/circle one posted above is really cool. As for what send keys was posting, here are the originals. Except they are not the lame gif mouse over the image to see it in 'black and white' (color).

both are neat
If you've got an image editing program, make your own!

Instructions follow with the Gimp, available for free from for Windows, OS X, Linux, and more.

0. Open Gimp, load your image.
1. In the Layers toolbox, right click on the Background Layer, and choose Duplicate Layer. Repeat if you wish your final animation to also include a copy of the color picture. (If you see more than one layer when you start, flatten the image first by selecting Layer, Merge Down until there is only one left, then perform this step.)
2. Name the first (bottommost) of the layers Inverse and the second Grayscale.
3. Select the Inverse layer and from the menu above the image choose Layer, Colors, Invert.
4. Select the Grayscale layer and from the same menu choose Layer, Colors, Desaturate. (The image shouldn't change visably, but you can click the little eye next to the Inverse layer to check your work. Make sure to click the same spot again when you're done.
5. Choose File, Save As... from the menu, and put in a name that ends in ".gif" (without the quotes), then click Save. A dialog pops up; choose "Save As Animation" and "Convert to Indexed using default settings", then click Export. In the new dialog, change the delay to 8000 ms (or experiment and find your own ideal point).
6. Load up the image in your web browser. Pick any spot to focus on; the dot helps but is entirely unnecessary.

Note that higher delays in step 5 should result in brighter images, as long as you maintain your focus for the duration of the inverse display. You can also try playing around with increased saturation on the inverse image, but that's up to you on your own.

Let me know if you need any additional instructions, or if anything needs clarification. When it's been tested out a little I'll repost to Tutorials.
Maybe i'll also post one on how to make the mouseover effect one, and/or if I'm feeling really inspired I'll whip up a little PHP script to do it on demand. Let me know how much demand there is for such a thing, it may help convince me.
Code of Ruin
That is a pretty impressive trick. But now I'll never be able to trust my own eyes again. I wonder how exactly our brains can be fooled like this.
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