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anybody on here a dj ?

Im a mobile dj based in the uk ( midlands )

just wondered if any of you guys / girls are in the game, I mainly use a pc based dj system for the main reason i dont have to carry thousands of cds and can instantly select a track

but i do carry cds and cd decks aswell as some viynl and decks.

So i see myself as a all rounder both digital and analouge
Hi. I mainly do with my pc, but also with CD's. Unfortunately no Turntables.
But I do better mixes digitally on my pc, with a two track mixer, where I can put the songs where I want. Real live mixing has to be trained. But I'm coming up. So prepare yourself. I also produce my own songs.
What kind of music do you play? My favourites are Trance and some kind of Techno (House, Acid sometims a bit hardcore)

PS: I'm not yet away, So it's me.....
I mainly do dance and trance and rnb but i do varied music realy depends what the function

for instance saturday just gone i did a wedding and it was mainly rock
Hm. The point is. I listen mainly to trance and techno. I could play HipHop or Rock, too. But I have too few songs or cds to play the whole evening.
Most of the rockmusic comes from my dad and hiphop from my sister.

Well I play on birthdayparties of my friends or so and at home, ofcourse. To train and to have a good cd to listen to while I'm going the 9h journey in my vacation....
I'm mixing only with a specialized programs like Traktor DJ studio 3, Virtual DJ, Visualdisco Mix, etc. My favourite is Virtual DJ because it's very simple to use and very powerful. I don't have enough money for good DJ equipment yet so I will stay with Virtual DJ for now.
I mostly mix dance music.
Yeah. Dancemusic, I think most poeple mix dancemusic at home, because it's easier with its straight beats and so. Blame it on the actual conditions of copyright, that I can't provide my mixes. Not even on a private Radiostation in the web Sad
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