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Uhm... Hellow (again)

I just found an email saying I had a private message and like... WOW!

You guys have 20k more users than when I joined and I'm minus 150 points Sad

Is there any way to reset my count or do I have to make a new user?
Wow. I didn't think accounts could get that low Shocked

I guess if you ask one of the admins nicely they might reset your points.
lowest i have had is -45... i was in an accident, so points dropped

and i got back to what i am now... about +59

so u can just keep posting and get your points back up like everyone else had to...
Make about 75 posts, and those points will come back to positive.
Only you should post, interesting things, and on 3-4 days you will have your points positive...
dark_one wrote:
I just found an email saying I had a private message and like... WOW!

You guys have 20k more users than when I joined and I'm minus 150 points Sad

Is there any way to reset my count or do I have to make a new user?

Hi, I didn't beleive the counter could get so low without your account being deleted! that's impressive for the wrong reasons Laughing. Anyway, you could start a new account but it's less hassel just to work on this one. 3-4 quality posts per day will make your points positive very soon and then you won't need to post so often. Occasionly if you don't feel like popping on every day just go on a posting spree (without spamming of course) and visit a variety of sections here on the site. You can rack up quite a few points at once and not need to post for quite a while... beleive me it's tried and tested! Laughing
i suggest you post regularly... and pm a mod to let them know you are on your way back to positive...
Oh yes that's a good idea before they notice and delete your account. I thought it was semi-automated actually, is there no script to warn a mod about users dropping below -15?
i think you get 3 warnings via email ... thats for the users anyway... i had all 3 before... and no sign of my account being deleted... i dunno if mods r active with account deletion?
I had 2 I think but then I managed to pick up and realised how the point system worked and how regular you had to be. Then I got addicted* LOL Laughing

*Not got the rating yet, but I'm working on it.
Well I'll just post casually and in a few months I might be positive again...

I seriously don't have time to make 75 quality posts, I'm barely online as it is and have many other forums to visit too Sad
LMFAO negative 150...nice. Forgot about the forums, I guess? Razz
Id be careful about creating a new account, especially if you wish to host a site with it. there are some pretty strict rules regarding one account per IP address/computer/household. I would get in touch with a Mod, they will probably tell you to just post and get your points back up.

You can either keep posting untill you have positive points again or wait for your hosting account to be removed as I believe Bondings usually resets the points to 0, from there you will need to gain 10 points and request for a new account Smile
Can I request deletion of the account?

(And minus 150 can't be that impressive)
It's really not all that hard to gather points. I've been sick with strep for a week now......haven't been posting since I can barely sit up. And I'm still doing alright.

I've got my site now (Thanks Mathiaus), so hopefully my strep will get gone so I can concentrate on building the site and posting in the forums.
Wow, -150 Points? LOL. I've been browsing these forums, and I seriously haven't seen points go that low.

But, if you ask an admin nicely to delete your account and that you want to make an alt., then the admin might be nice and do it for you.
Ratman2050 wrote:
Make about 75 posts, and those points will come back to positive.

If this is the course of action you plan on taking, make sure they meet the TOS, and are over a period of time (unless of course you can write like no tomorrow), or you may find yourself banned for spamming low or no qaulity posts Sad

Surely you can find a topic of interest that catches your eye and makes you want to post.

Just a fair warning Wink
I thought donate some points but can't points only frih$... It's only for keep in this forum most users... Wink Well, good look and good post... Very Happy
My main problem is I'm currently a mod on 2 forums and run a rental agency and am manager of 2 nightclubs on secondlife, a 3D world game...

I literally donot have time around school and studying to be posting too much... It'll take me months with the points going down all the time too Sad
Why don't you explain us more about secondlife? Seems to be an interesting game? You can manage nightclubs????? Coool....

Take care
Well, You signup and download the game then can play for free or $9.95USD per month.

You need a premium account ($9.95USD) to own land, on which you can build whatever you want (including nightclubs, houses, shops)

The more land you own the more you pay (I currently pay $9.95+$15/month) This is called tier and is explained more on secondlife...

Basically, you have to experience it to know how great it is Smile
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