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Could you date a girl with the same name as an ex?

Could you date a girl with the same name as an ex?
 93%  [ 41 ]
 6%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 44

The title says it all: Could you date a girl with the same name as an ex?

My last girlfriend had a somewhat unusual name. But today I met another girl with the same name. What are the consequences of doing so? On the one hand, you can never mix up her name (I have done this a few times and it is the most embarassing Freudian you can slip). On the other hand, it is best to take each new relationship as a fresh start, and this might be difficult with such a situation.

Thoughts, comments, complaints?
refusing to date her because of her name would be about the same as her refusing to date you because her dad doesn't like your uncle.. it has no bearing on who she is

I once dated a girl who had my mom's name.. and it's a very unusual name.. within a week or two, the coincidence was forgotten

in another case, my brother gave his daughter the same name as an ex of mine who I refused to speak of anymore.. altho I wasn't pleased by the coincidence, I got over it very quickly.. again, with no association

(an ironic twist to that trivia is that I found out my ex had a son and gave him my brother's name)
you can still date people the same name in my opinion, but i think that is all depending on you and her. Sometimes it depends on how that relationship went and went down...

i don't have issues with dating girls with the same name as another. that should no where near be why you would not date that girl or another because of her name. That could be the greatest person in the world for you and you passed her by because of your dating past...not a good idea in my opinion...

date girls with the same name...sometimes that is the name you also just like the most...and a lot of girls have the same name...i mean how many names can someone make up for kids...many people like the same name, when naming their kids...that is the parents job to choose the name...not that girls chose to be named that in most cases....but still not a reason to not date someone you are into and like a lot.
Yeah, I am right now and it is the longest relationship I have ever been in so it wasn't a mistake =)
I don't see a problem with it.
I have a friend who's got, for a while, for a good part of his life actually, only Oana-girlfriends, hahaha, imagine that. Oana is a romanian name btw. He was happy with it though.

I had a few Nico girlfriends, and I thought it was OK Smile I mean, I thought it was funny to compare them, because they were all Nico. But I don't date by far as many women as other men do, so I imagine that if you had some... 200 (dare I say 2000 Very Happy ) girlfrieds up to the present moment, you'll most probably get to date, as a romanian, a ton of Ioana and a bunch of Anca and a load of Elena and a heap of Maria and Irina and Oana and Nicoleta and so on and so forth... it so happens that these names are very common. I think the problem appears when you date a girl named Kio Xye Zeu Yau Hnd Len and she insists on pronouncing her full name correctly. Very Happy
Oops, I mispelled Hnd, I ment Hao.
Which reminds me - Bondings, please incorporate a spell-check in the 'post reply' so we can be able to spell-check as we post.

OK, so to continue. I know you don't want people to polute the forums with smilies and fluff, but writing sentences starting with capital letters and worrying about style while posting in forums is not fun, it's like we're back to school, and most of all, it has nothing to do with the quality of the communication. I write emails to 'serious' people and don't care much about capitalisation and style. And they write back the same, many a time... I mean it's not only more fun to allow yourself some freedom in typing, but it's also more creative.

My 2 cents. Obviously not in the right forum, but I have no idea where I could post this, and it just came to me now, so...
The poll says it all.

Actually, it's much better to date a girl with such a name, just in case in a midst of things you called out your ex's.

I'm serious.
Yeah, I reckon I could do that. It might be a little wierd at first, but as people have mentioned it could actually be easier in the long-term. You'll never get that name wrong anyway.
Could you date a girl with the same name as an ex?
Of course I could, what is the problem here? You can't think on your ex girlfriend for whole live, it must go on.
I think there is no problem at all...Although to me it does come a little weird...It's just that when you speak to the new girl with the same name, you refer things to the old one...At least I did... But it was only temporary...
Having the same name as your ex-girlfriend is not the problem, its when they both look alike that you should worry about. I dated two cousins one after another, both looked quite similiar and i always jumbled up their names!!

Ironic thing is , the 1st cousin was my 1st gf, and the 2nd want after a couple of inbetweens is right now my gf for 4 years ++.. i still mix up their names once in a while, but i'll always get away by turning iti into a sentence.

Unless something tragic happened between you and your past GF i dont think them having the same name would cause any problems at all. But that's just me of course Laughing
Of course I could. Having a date with the same name as your ex doesn't intimidate me. A name is a name. If they have the same name, it doesn't mean that they have the same characteristics. Only the name are the same. But they are not totally the same girl. Of course your ex can also date someone with the same name as yours. Right?
Dating a girl with the same name as an ex makes like so much easier... not only for you, but for friends and family..... it also means you will never call out the wrong name......

There are only plus' in my eyes... so if anyone has any cons I would love to hear them...

The question should be, can you legally change the name of your G/F to the name of your ex without her knowing? Or, can you re-use a nickname / pet name you used with your ex to save any potential problems in the future? I know I have tried and succeeded - what about everyone else?
tyrant wrote:
i still mix up their names once in a while, but i'll always get away by turning iti into a sentence.


Now that I like.... I have been there myself.. andhave been caught out a few times, but have never been smart enough to try and use the name in a sentance....

I have also said someone else's name (a girl, friend rather than a girlfriend) during a rather intemate moment with my then g/f... that didn't go down too well either........

I will tip my hat to you though for that inspired piece of advice.... and try and remember that one next time I have the verbal sh**s
My girlfriend called me once Simon (a guy from work). I didn't notice it, but when she began wondering why she called me that I also noticed it. After that I've teased her about it many times.

Another funny thing that my girlfriend said to me once was "Could you put your sunglasses on, because you look better with them". This has also been a thing that I've teased her about, with saying that I have so ugly eyes so that I have to hide them with sunglases.

I can tease her about theese things because I know she didn't mean it that way.
you will never get wrong saying your ex name by mistake
I definitely see no problem with that. Ordinarily, names are just what they are - NAMES.
I once dated a guy whose surname was the same as my first name... Smile I don't know what we would have done if we had got married!
only if she is hotter than the previous ex. How about this poll, will you date someone that look just like your ex?
I'd have no problem dating a guy with the same name as an ex. None of my ex-boyfriends were cruel, so I wouldn't have to worry about bad memories being stirred up by dating someone with the same name. As was already stated, it's only a name.
lol it wouldnt be a problem cause i remember 1 time i called the person i was dating my ex.. and yeah its a big f up.. Embarassed so its better if u got the same name but.. you will always think of that person.. but thats just me
It would be ok if your ex had a more common name like Sarah for instance.. (no offence to anyone called Sarah btw!) It might be odd if you happened to fall for someone who had a really less common name which was the same as your ex tho.
but what the hell, its only a name!
*shrugs* I don't think I would mind dating another Polly, it's not like i hate my ex or anything.
Think about it its the Perfect Crime.
Say you have an x with some good qualities and some bad ones. dump her, and u find urself with another called x aswell btu with better qualities and at least less of the bad qualities. its a win win situation. u dotn find ursle fat night screaming some other womans name Or drunk Recappign some event of another woman. if she is named the same she will jsut say, i dont remember that. so if u find a girl witht he same name as ur X ur in good hands and less worry.
some guys know what im talking bout
JoeFriday wrote:
refusing to date her because of her name would be about the same as her refusing to date you because her dad doesn't like your uncle.. it has no bearing on who she is

thats great JoeFriday!
you should realise that what u like of her is her personality but not her name!
so... date her ! don't waste the opportunity!
it may even end up with marriage!
all depends on fate....
my god! If you don't date a girl you like because of her name that's the craziest thing I've heard today, let me tell you buddy, if you feel attracted, she's gonna make you forget the other one. The first three girls I fell in love with all had the same name, to the point I asked myself if it was a malediction ..... Very Happy crazy huh?
hey, have a lot of fun with your new friend ! forget the other one (easy said huh?)
Its totally fine with me to date someone with the same name as my ex. Its not my ex anymore, its a new person. Love makes the world goes round.
Yea, after you first meet them saying the name might be a bit odd, but after barely any time you'd start to associate the name with the new girl in all liklihood.

And as was said, take everyone on their own merits. Don't let an ex ruin a new relationship cause the name is the same.
I could. I only have one ex, but I also have no bad feelings or grudges towards her because she's still one of my best friends. But anyway, the name doesn't make the person, so I could date someone with the same name.
It doesnt matter because you will start thinking of the new one and forget the old one so nothing will happen.
Get to be my age and have "swiss cheese" between the ears and you will thank God that you can date a woman with the same name as your ex. I was on a camping trip a few years back and we were in the tent and doing stuff. She tickled me and I screamed for her to stop. Now she heard her name though inside I did a double take cause I knew whose name I called out.
So if you are gonna frak up, that is the best circumstance to do it in.

Now the bad part is when you call out the wrong name. Hey "Heather" Woops I mean "Jamie" Laughing
No Way,

My girlfriend and I were together for a few years, and now that we're apart it would seem too weird to call a girl by the same name. Unless it was actually her, in which case I wouldn't care about wierdness and would shoot myself.

I dont see any problem in it, you even can`t make a mistake when you call her)))
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