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a network cable is unplugged

I have this stupid message on my screen when I connect online, it appears and then after about 10 seconds it reconnects. The thing is I am using broadband USB from AOL. I disabled my ethernet network and this message still appears. AOL is not the problem and but its affecting the AOL broadband modem so I uninstall it and install it again and the message still appears?

Any one has any new suggestions?

Apart from calling AOL because they are no use
Are you sure you disable ALL NIC:s? you might have wireless or a cisco loopback interface.

If you are sure you don't use Ethernet or anything you can disable it in BIOS and you will not see it in Windows (or Linux or Mac OS X or whatever you us)

I don't think this will solve your connection problem but for sure your message about unplugged etc.. Laughing
Acutally, the easiest way to get rid of this error is to go into the network connection and uncheck the notification box...

That is if you are able to browse the net. If you aren't, you might wanna look into that...
If you AREN'T able to get online, obviously this notification knows something you don't.
Try reinstalling the modem drivers if it's connected with usb. If that doesn't work, try a different usb port.

I hate to break it to you, but Network Cable Unplugged isn't affecting the modem... if anything the modem is affecting it.

Check your IP address. Does it start with 169? If so, your computer doesn't have a connection to the modem... therefore the drivers, the modem, or the usb cable is at fault.

Ethernet is always easier and just plain better in so many ways. I wouldn't be surprised if connecting the ethernet instead of usb solved the problem instantly. Most modems nowadays have both ethernet and usb ports. Try disconnecting the usb, and connecting ethernet only. Then unplug your modem for about 30 seconds, plug it back in, and restart your computer. In theory, if your NIC and Network are enabled... you should be online with no problems.
thanks for the response. Its an AOL modem with only USB option so I cant use the ethernet. I did check all the connections were disabled. I also try reassigning IP because when disconnects and shows that message in network connections it says requiring addresses.

I did try uninstalling the modem and reinstalling it again, that didn't work.
Throw off the USB. It's a tech support nightmare. I suggest you stick with Ethernet. Ask from your provider to give you a modem with the ethernet capability because USB sucks when it comes to modems.
cheers for that...I think I will....I manage to fix it but God knows how long it will last. I run windows XP service pack 2 again but before I did that I manually added my ip to the modem settings and then run windows repair. It fixed it temporarily so I did the service pack 2 and it please God seems alright for now.
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