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Fish Keeping

I looked in the Hobbies forum and was surprised to find that there is not thread about Fish Keeping or Keeping Aquariums. There is one about Fishing which is a totally different this. Very Happy

So any fish keeping enthusiasts here? I love keeping fish.

I am going to go shopping for a fish tank for a friend tomorrow. We were talking about it today and later on I suddenly started thinking about the ethics of keeping fish in a tank for our visual pleasure.

Any thoughts on that? Or any other aspect of keeping fish/aquariums?
We have fish all around this house. But i like water turtles more then fish. But me and my friend want to set up like a whole habbitat. Like with fish turtles lizzards insects likea whole world type thing.
@jepmerite ... as long as you provide a good environment for your fish i dont think there is anything wrong in keeping them.... most of the fish you'll buy are bred specifically for aquariums... and i am sure your aquarium will be less crowded and much cleaner and much more beautiful than the one at the pet shop! so think of it this way... you are helping them move to a better place! Smile

i have 2 pairs of fish... 2 blue parrots and 2 red parrots... (yeah, fish called parrot !!!) i only keep cichlids... i like their attitude.. aggressive and territorial... and i feed em raw meat !!! Smile
I have a tiny 40 gallon tank filled to the hilt with tropical community fish, they mostly feed on flakes, pellets, and algae disks, although I have 3 of them who like blood worms, so I ocasionally toss a few of them in there.

I think that since most fish have to survive in ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans, we may be doing them a favor by breeding them in safe aquariums. They don't have to worry about predators, and get one or two square meals a day!

Game Fortress
I dont have an aquarium, but for some reason I really like fish. (and that is not to say that I like to eat them; that is a disgusting prospect) I have even made a game dedicated to rasing a virtual aquarium. You would think they would be boring, but its really cool just to watch them swim. Unless you are in a dentists office.
@game fortress.... you made your own game?? cooool... can we see? the only aquarium game i have ever played is insaniquarium....
It's funny you should mention Insaniquarium cos I played it just last night. Very Happy

Here's a pic of a tank the friend of mine, with some help from me.


Well in the part of India that I am, I could not get any live plants. So they're all plastic. Also my friend thought it would be easier to maintain platic

I was doing some online research on this and I read about Cycling and the Nitrogen Cycle. Apparantly the tank should be setup and filled with water and then left for 2 to 6 weeks before putting fish to let some kind of bacteria grow that would remove poisonous nitrates from the water.

Is this really necessary? The fish in this tank are doing quite well at the moment.
I've never had much luck with fish...well, i did have one when i was younger named junior (who knows why) but he lived for a really long time probably because he was a beta fish and they are very hardy, well maybe he survived because all i did was feed him and my mom did everything else. We also had an aquarium of tiger fish which didn't mean a lot to me and i couldn't remeber which was which (because i had named all of them you see)

When i was a little bit older i attempted to keep tadpoles, because i wanted frogs as pets...but one of them was sick and soon the other one was infected too Sad
ohh, i love insaniquarium!!! It's so addicting...maybe that's why it's on
I have a 50L aquarium. I only have 2 fish in at the moment but i usually have 4. 2 of my oldest fish died >.<

I've been through a lot of fish this year, i had 2 fish that just used to bully all the other fish and kill them. The 2 i have at the moment are fantails but they only have one side to their tail left so they swim on an angle, which is pretty funny.
@jipmerite yeah it is a good idea to let the aquarium become stable before letting the fish in... but you can avoid that by adding a few drops of de-chlorination and meth - blue... though it is not the right way to do it... it will still do the needful...
about the nitrogen cycle... that will work only if you have a motorised filter workin in your tank... what happens is that certain bacteria grow IN the filter and they keep absorbing the toxic stuff from the water later.... but this cycle starts only after you put fish inside... coz the bacteria need fish waste / excess food to grow !

also be careful about the plastic plants... if you do have to buy plastic plants, get the very soft plastic ones... the ones that cant stand straight oputside water... the hard ones will cut / entagle the fish... i keep live plants only now...
its good you've kept angels... sturdy fish.. just keep a lookout for fungus...
all the best Smile
i've got three tanks: a 20 gallon and two 10s. i'm trying to breed guppies but i finally started getting an idea of what i liked and suddenly had an outbreak of columnaris that decided to take out the male i was planning to use as head stud. it's also trying to work its magic on all my females too.

i learned the hard way: isolate new fish in a seperate tank before exposing your pampered babies to the crap the new guys picked up in the store.

so yeah. guppies are my obsession at the moment, despite the columnaris problem. i decided to breed a strain of blues that aren't metallic, just a very nice shade of blue (the metallics just don't hit the spot with me).

my boy, that i bred at home, that unfortunately died about a week ago:

he was nothing amazing, especially pedigree-wise (both parents came from crappy petstores), but his coloration was definately something i wanted heading my breeding program. i've got two of his sisters left that are battling the columnaris right now, so cross your fingers for me Confused i hadn't even managed to get any babies out of him yet. *sigh*

oh, i've also got some rosy barbs, algae eaters, a clown loach, a common plecostamus, a platy, and a pair of tetra-ish things that i'm not sure why i have.
I used to keep several goldfishies, but they unfortunately were from bad pet stores, and most died of illnesses. Sad Now I have only one goldfish left, and we bought him two catfish as a company. Catfish definately feel better in my aquaruim.

They just refuse to breed, both catfish now and goldies I had before. Though I wish I could breed them - it would be so exciting! *giggle*
My father is currently keeping fish. We are in Hong Kong. I think the cost of fish-keeping in Hong Kong is quite cheap, and they are very easy to keep.
I have 2 gold fish in a 10 gallon aquaruim. Fish are not that hard to keep. It is strange that they changed color to white.
Annush_K wrote:
I used to keep several goldfishies, but they unfortunately were from bad pet stores, and most died of illnesses. Sad Now I have only one goldfish left, and we bought him two catfish as a company. Catfish definately feel better in my aquaruim.

They just refuse to breed, both catfish now and goldies I had before. Though I wish I could breed them - it would be so exciting! *giggle*

If you wanna breed, get a couple of guppies... Laughing
Ooo man. I've always loved fighting fish, so I bought like 5 once and fought them all.

Does that count as a fish enthusiast? haha. Anyways I had a crazy idea to bread them, I went through all the steps, waited for the bubble nest, fed them the right food, put the tanks next to eachother.

What do you know they killed eachother.

Bread something else than fighting fish.
I have a six foot tank, with friendly fish that don't try to eat each other. I do sometimes feel guilty for keeping fish as they should be in a stream somewhere, but i do make sure now that i only buy bred fish instead of ones caught from the wild.
jipmerite, I thought about this already, but I'll need a separate tank for them first, and my parents won't let me get one.
So I'll just wait till I'm 18... Laughing
My lil sister have 3 fish, but two of them are gone. My cat eat them... So I think its not save to keep fish in one place with cat. I'm not willing to keep fish again, and so did my lil sister.
Have none of you seen “Finding Nemo”. Really! Give me strength
Dont get fish. Its such pain to keep everything up and clean and healthy. If you want to get a pet, get a pet rock. Its better than a fish. It does as you say, depending on what you say, and it doesnt make a mess.

I own a Jack Dempsey and he has successfully gotten rid of all other life forms I tried introducing him to. From snails to my little eel, Jack has recited a last prayer to all of them. A nice big 40 gallon tank he has all to himself now.

Oh, and word of advice, DO NOT GET PACUs. Those look nice and sturdy but I have no idea why PetSmart sells those things. They double in size every week. I had a pair of them and had to give them away to another vendor of fish that would take them.
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