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Just came out of a Mental Ward

A few years ago my mum started making me see a counselor because she thought I our problems. They didn't seem too bad so at the time I didn't really mind speaking to them. I was seeing them about once every two weeks over at Hoddesdon in England. This continued for about another year.

It had now been 6 months since I had stopped seeing the counselors, when one day two women randomly turned up at my door. Their job involved going round to peoples houses to apparently help them out. I found out that they had been contacted by the previous counselors I was seeing and were told to start comming round to my house to see how things were. I found what the counselors had done bloody rude as they didn't even ask me if I wanted these new people to be contacted.

It was now my first chat with them, we talked about how things were and general things like that. At the end of our first chat I told them I didn't want them comming round anymore. By the time they had left me and these two women decided that they would come round a couple of times more just for general chats and then that would be it I wouldn't see them again.

Their second visit came. I was upstairs while they spoke to my mum and she told them how things were and everything else. All of a sudden I heard them call me so I went downstairs. They told me that they might start bringing me medication for mental issues. I told them I didn't need it but clearly they didn't believe it.

The next time they come round they brought me round a small yellow tablet round called an Olanzapine. Olanzapine was the second antipsychotic to gain FDA approval and has become one of the most commonly used antipsychotics. Olanzapine was FDA approved for the treatment of schizophrenia, acute mania in bipolar disorder, agitation associated with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and as maintenance treatment in bipolar disorder. The lady come over to me, put it in my hand and watched me take it. At the time I really couldn't be bothered to argue so I just took it to get rid of them. They then told me that someone would be round my house every morning to give me the tablet to take. I thought this was a f***ing joke and I said that i'm not having them do it. They told me I was unable to stop them and by law they had a right to do it.

The next few days continued as expected, they come round once a day to give me the tablet.

One day when they came round I flipped in order to try and show them that I would not continue doing it. After this happened they started bringing up mental institutions into conversations. They said if I continue to refuse to take the tablets they will by law under the mental health act since 1983 force me to go into a institution without my consent. I thought to myself, 'no f***ing way i'm going to one of those, there's nothing wrong with me!'

I started taking the tablets again but the tablets were just making me more angry and frustrated and things were getting worse. They then decided that the only option left was to take me to the mental institution.

I was taken their in an ambulance which was totally unnecessary. I arrived at St Julians psychiatric unit based in St Albans, Enland about 8 pm. Straight away I was introduced to all of the people there. After this I was showed to my room. The room had a bed, a wardrobe and a toilet. From the moment I got there I was pretty much lost. I was in a funny farm full of nutters, and I knew deep inside there was nothing even wrong with me. There is absolutly nothing to do there, and the situation was made even worse being that everyone was atleast twice my age so I seriously didn't fit in.

I remember clearly there were people running into windows, speaking to walls and all soughts. The food there was dreadfull and my health was detoriating. I couldn't handle being there anymore it was driving me up the wall. I made an appeal to leave not long after being there, but nothing was happening. I was there on a section 3 which means I stay there for up to six months while doctors assess me 24 hours a day.

At one point I sneaked into the doctors room and stole the notes they were writing about me through assessment. The notes said I was doing unbelievable things that were not even true!

After hundreds of appeals to leave a solicitor finally came to help me try and win my case and leave. I had now been there three years and I was desperate to get out.

Three days later the solicitor came back and I was meant to have a meeting. When we all went into the room there was a judge there, my solicitor and a few doctors. We sat there and I was wondering why we wasn't getting started. About ten minutes later they said we are unable to do the meeting today because a certain doctor who needed to be there couldn't make it. It was then postponed until two days later.

Two days later came and it was now time to have the meeting again. But no, once again, they f****d it up! This time they didn't have a 'leaving plan'. A leaving plan is used to decide what will happen to me if I they let me go home. The meeting was then REPOSTPONED to a week later. I went mad, I was punching holes in the walls and everything else. A few times they had to restrain me and force an injection in me.

The next meeting come and it was successfull, I was free to leave. I remember bursting out laughing when they said I could go, I was so happy.

Unfortunately eight days later I was taken back there because they said things hadn't got any better. Luckily I was there another two weeks in total which I was pleased with. They only let me go because I agreed that I would let them inject me with Risperdal every two weeks. I would never dare refuse the injection though, i'm not going back there again.

when i hear bout this sort of thing, it makes me think - its almost like once they say you have a 'mental disorder' then you do, even if you may not... then you are lead to believe you do...

they play with your mind... and turn it into a maze...
OutlawSpirit wrote:

when i hear bout this sort of thing, it makes me think - its almost like once they say you have a 'mental disorder' then you do, even if you may not... then you are lead to believe you do...

they play with your mind... and turn it into a maze...

Yes you're totally correct.
One problem with mental illness is thatyou don't know that you are ill. You may be doing strange things and not even realise you're doing them. On the other hand, medication can make matters worse, or produce nasty side effects. If you are unhappy about being labeled mentally ill, or think you have been mis-diagnosed you could maybe find a GP who is sympathetic to you and help you either understand your situation or to get a proper diagnosis. Whatever you decide to do, please don't get angry, this is playing into other peoples hands. They see you lose it and decide that's their proof of them being right.
well.. i was diagnosed (not with a mental-illness) this was something totally different, and i know for a fact that they made a mistake with this diagnosis**??

they cannot always be 100% correct
Three years! That's a hell of a stay man, I'm sorry about that. There's something seriously wrong if those notes were exagerating or making up things. I've had similar experiences in other contexts but obviously not to this scale so I can see it from your perspective slightly but it's hard to imagine the frustration you've suffered.

Well I hope your ok man, take it easy.
hmm... i guess nothing good came out of this...

however this is much like a test of your composure, your personality... you had to get through this and you did, knowing this will make you stronger...

must of been like prison... but you got sent down for nothing!
There's something seriously wrong if those notes were exagerating or making up things.

I've experienced that sort of thing,but in reverse. I was in my local GP run hospital with a back injury. Nurses managed to convince my doctor I was not in excrutiating pain and my pain meds were stopped. Soon after that I was discharged from hospital. My husband knew I was in constant pain and drove me to another more major hospital and they operated on me a few days later.

I was relieved to find a doctor who not only believed me, but also understood the severity of my injury. The point I'm trying to make here is that it's so important to find someone who believes you, who takes your concerns seriously and does the best he/she can to help you. If you can't find such a person you feel like you're in a void and it can make your problems so much worse, especially where mental health is concerned.
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