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DJ Gr3y
i heard thet Shrek 3 it gonna come soon.. it thet true??
Hello, yes it is.

Its supposed to arrive at 2007, and the history is about Fionna´s dad dying and Shrek have to take its place as the king of Far Far Away Kingdom.
Well I personally enjoyed shrek. I am willing to see this new Shrek 3.
i hope that
i liked sherk 1 & shrek 2
the Shrek movies are great and through the gross humor and odd stuff like that they do show a good moral, That it is what is on the inside that matters not the outside. And although sometimes I think the humor is gross and ranchy I have no issues with my kids watching it and 3 will be the same I am sure.
Shrek 3 sounds good, as were the first two, but I hope they don't just ruin the series by churning out sequal after sequal.
ItsWesley wrote:
Shrek 3 sounds good, as were the first two, but I hope they don't just ruin the series by churning out sequal after sequal.

I think that this would be the last theatrical release. The main worry is that they try to follow it up with some straight-to-dvd sequels (using a different voice cast). *Shudder* The horror!
Wow, that's news to me. I loved the first Shrek movie when it came out, but I was unable to see either film in the movie theaters. I had to watch them on DVD, but the hilarity was not lost. XD I loved the first movie more than the second, but both of them were pretty good.

I'll be looking forward to the third movie; and I'm hoping this is the last sequel. Movies that get milked out for all they're worth always bother me.
I cannot wait untill the new shrek movie comes out. I think that mike myres and eddie murphy make a great combo. They are just so funny.
wow thats cool. I wish they had a series for shrek on tv my kids love the show. Well at least the movie is coming out
DJ Gr3y wrote:
i heard thet Shrek 3 it gonna come soon.. it thet true??

I heard Shrek was a movie and not an anime or a comic. Heh. I think theres a Movies section.
well, its an animation Razz I thought the first 2 were quite funny, and a good mix for all agegroups. Really good family film, deserves good gratitude imo.
hello everyone good day and God bless
well well well, i never heard that there will be shrek 3
but if there will be,
let's watch it.

Shrek is a nice movie. nice animation.
I loved the shrek movies, With Mike Myres being one of my favourite actors for being in Austin Powers and other great films.
Mike Myres is very funny, i thiught he was great in austin powers. Its was amazing the way that he was able to play 3 different character all so well. And not to mention how well he does shrek. He is very good at doin different character and he has a wide rang. Smile shrek rulz:)
Im afraid Ace Ventura rules all, he MUST be in this Shrek Very Happy that would be great!. Eddie murphey and Antonio Banderez (how is it spelt? :S) dominates most of the humour imo.
Really?! Shrek 3?! Wah! Thanks so much for the news. My sister and I love Shrek so much. It's fun to watch.
cant wait till shrek 3!
I love shrek 1 and 2, the crazy humor in it is awesome!
hmm i might watch shrek 2 later. lol Cool
Very Happy
I love shrek, I too heard that shrek3 is coming .. not sure when ...
Nintendo wrote:
Im afraid Ace Ventura rules all, he MUST be in this Shrek

You mean Jim Carrey, right?

I'm looking forward to the new Shrek, and I hope Donkey's kids don't ruin it, as kids often seem to do.
Is Shrek a Anime or comic? XD
hlavco wrote:
Nintendo wrote:
Im afraid Ace Ventura rules all, he MUST be in this Shrek

Yes sorry, the name "Ace Ventura" just popped into my head when i thought of him Very Happy.
And i totally agree, little kids can really piss me of in films aswell, especially the ones watching the film with you ^^. *flames at little screamy kids* Smile
Yeah shrek was one of the best disney animated movie in recent times. Along with the incredibles, I can't think of any other disney creation that was good. I mean lion king, mulan, and the rest of the classics are still the best.
I do not like then. Can not stand them and I do not let my kids watch them when I am around. I am a prude I guess, but I do not think that they are appropraite for children at all.

i love shrek. they r so funny. hahahah cant wait the third movie to show on cinema. i think everybody same as me rite? except usborne Razz
Nintendo wrote:
well, its an animation

I don't see animation in this forum title, I see anime, which is not the same thing.

Yeah wrong forum.
Hi there,

Yep, Shrek are great animation movies. I have the dvd's from 1 and 2 and not only the movie but also the OSTs are fantastic.

I think i've seen trailer at the apple site about this 2nd sequel. But i really don't need to see it cause i´'m sure it's going to be another great movie

Stay COol!
Vote for Shrek. The movies are alright. I like the 1st better cause the 2nd movie got a bit weird when Shrek was ... different *Shudder*
the third will be more funny imo
I'm waiting for SHREK 3, I'm sure it will be the best one among the other Shrek Movies, but will see Smile

I would love to see how Bad Fairy Tale characters fighting against Good Fairy Tale characters. I want to see as well how Pinochio telling "true lies" Smile I'm waiting for Puzz in action and a lot more Smile
u sure it will be d the best among the other shrek movies? y u r so sure bout this? i love shrek, if it will b d best among others, i think i will watch at least 10 times. Razz
I find Shrek very funny and I love the added fillers/snippets at the end of each movie credit. Very Happy
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