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Do You Think Beaten Cup Finalists Should Enter European Comp

Mostly for Scottish footbal fans, after Gretna's disaterous UEFA cup defeat by Derry, do you think that beaten finalists of the Scottish League Cup should represent the country in Europe?

Last few years other beaten finalists like Dundee United have also done badly. Whilst I am not specifically knocking these clubs, I am concerned at Scotland's standing in Europe and such results and defeats do not help us.

Gretna did well as a second division team to get to the Cup final losing to Hearts. However, should the European place have been allocated to another premier league team if Herats could ot enter the competition as winners?

I have mixed feelings and would be pleased to have some feedback.
i think Gretna has done very good job to be in the Scottish cup finals adn
deserves to play in Europe .it is something big for club from second league to play in europe

On the other hand,bad results do not help other Scottish clubs.but again if the team plays well and comes to cup final why not to give a reward to club.And the club also get money which help him improve .

You should be happy with Scottish league.I am from Croatia and clubs from 2.league never get to cup finals.And 1.league clubs are loosing in Europe from Albanian and Cipryan clubs so we are in bad position.
I agree in the main about clubs from lower divisions getting a better split of the finances and if they can work hard and get to a cup final then they deserve the rewards. Gretna's defeat wasnt as bd as it seemed in that it the were the best side but just couldnt finish as well as Derry.

In Scotland we do get lower division clubs reaching the finals regularly. My own club Ayr United got to the cup final in 2001 whilst in divison 1 losing 4-0 to Rangers.

No one should get a reward for losing. It doesn't give a good incentive for going out and trying to win, or an owner spending money!
'No one should get a reward for losing. It doesn't give a good incentive for going out and trying to win, or an owner spending money'

Except Svarn when the business man IS the man putting in loads of money to a smaller club he is (as are others) incentvised to put more money into smaller clubs who can then develop into winners and make the competition much better.
i agree with honestman.How can small clubs then become bigger if they arent playing big games and making money.Only if some russian biznismen comes and buy a club
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