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Being on Holiday

Should Users be Able to Have Some Notification system when they are away from a PC (e.g on Holiday etc)?
Agree With a Notification System
 33%  [ 1 ]
Dont Agree
 66%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 3

I am afraid I am at a loss on exactly how this process works. I know we have to make posts at regular intervals to keep the account alive and I try to do that.

However, what happens when you are on holiday?

I have been away from home (and a PC) for nearly THREE weeks. I have TWO warning notices from frihost in that time knocking off 15 points.

I could have been off longer and I do plan to be away from tmy home for about 4 weeks soon.

How do I tackle this? There must be a way of informing frihost of time away to avoid such penalties, or at least some leniency in docking points and sending these warning notices for thos who have notified of a period away. Its not always possible to obtain access to a PC in some parts of the country.

Any thoughts???
A sort of system that, when you go under 0 with your points that you can but points with FRIH$ (ex. 1pt = 10 FRIH$). Or a system that allows you to take, let's say, 14 days no Frihost. Or something like this
Thats what I meant aristottle.

If we notify frihost beforehand then they can monitor it so as to avoid abuse. Makes sure none of us have two many holidays.
The way the current system works, if you are current with your posts, you should be able to go almost 50 days before your account gets to the point of deletion. I've also seen it said on the boards that if you are going to be away for a significant period of time, you can pm the admin to let him know.

Anyone who has vacations longer than 2 weeks at a time is either unemployed, or just very very lucky.
Thanks for that. On the holidays for more than 2 weeks, I am allowed to take up to four weeks at a time up to my annual maximum, its not luck I just work hard the rest of the year.

Are you saying that I need to keep posting to get to over 50 points before going away?

How can I check my points totals?


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