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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

I've very excited about Sorkin's new show. You can see the trailer online, watch the whole pilot at a few places, etc. Basically, the show revolves around a fictional weekly sketch comedy series that's filmed live and used to be cutting edge and witty. Now, it's devolved into teenage pandering and the bite taken out of the dog. So, after an on-air meltdown by the show's producer, the new network head is given a rare test to prove herself on the first day of the job. She hires two personalities who were fired from that very show many years ago and convinces them to come back.

It's obvious that they're directly basing the situations off life associated with Saturday Night Life (SNL). If you've read some of the literature on the show, you'll even be able to recognize popular characters or place the storylines. It helps that people such as Mark McKinney (from Kids in the Hall) are writing because he was once a SNL writer.

The dialogue is crisp, the premise is sharp and hopefully it'll be a big ratings winner when the pilot finally airs. The biggest detriments to the show being a successful are: too much TV jargon (always a turn off if your audience has to learn too much), limited audience appeal (I love comedy so it's all for me but sometimes meta-art: television shows about television don't catch on), failure to live up to strong promises ('Crazy Christians' wasn't a very edgy sketch name to use; sounds pretty dumb actually), etc.

Anyone else seen the show and care to comment on their thoughts & anticipations?
Your post was from ages ago, but I've seen the first 12 episodes and I really think it's a great show. Some of the sketches within the show could be a bit funnier, but overall I hope it stays on air for at least a couple more seasons.
It's such a shame- almost every show I like keeps on getting slammed in the ratings, and then the epidodes are reduced and the show is finally cancelled. Crying or Very sad
Yeah I must admit i'm a fan. Sorkin does seem to enjoy turning the "Moral Message" up to 11 at times but seems to have been toned down recently. By the way all the plot points are being hurried along though it looks like everyone concerned is preparing for this to be a one season only show.
The show is likely to get cancelled. The ratings are poor and the audience base isn't wide enough.
Sounds interesting...and I love my comedy. Will have to check it out sometime.
shoes22 wrote:
The show is likely to get cancelled. The ratings are poor and the audience base isn't wide enough.

As was said in the other thread, the show has been picked up for the rest of the season. It is simply too good to get rid of this early. Hopefully people will catch on that it is one of the best written/acted shows on television right now.
I've heard great things about this TV show, but I've not yet seen it. I was a huge fan of The West Wing when Sorkin was writing on it, so I'd like to see this. Also, I like Matthew Perry in a dramatic role and Amy Peet is a fine, fine actress.

Thanks for reminding me to watch this!
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