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Newer Motherboards Ram

Well today I spent a while looking around at some newer motherboards.(planning ahead to a possible new pc, I hope.)
Anyways, other than the on board video is being taken off, why are they not putting on more ram slots?

I understand the onboard video is more or less useless, and its just taking up space, but what I dont understand is why not try putting more ram slots on.

Some Motherboards have two slots and support 16gb of ram, meaning you cant even use more than a 4th of that.
Others have 4 slots and support up to 32bg. Now I do understand that ram cost does add up and can get very pricy but still, dont you think that mobo should try getting more ram slots in there?
Two things will deterimine this.

1) space - mobos are already very tight for space so putting extra ram slots in would make that worse and

2) user needs - for most people the current mobo offers more than enough to allow them to be able to complete the tasks that they want

As such manufacturers are not particualarly worried about maximising ram slots but more worried about getting all the other features that people now want on to their mobos.

If there was more need for extra ram slots then I can assure you that they would be there after all it is in the interests of board manufacturers to be a the forefront of technology as laggers lose out.
2 slots with 16Gb support? I have heard of 4 slots with 16Gb, but nothing that rediculous... Seeing a DECENT motherboard with only 2 RAM slots is very rare anyways, so avoid those crappy mobos.

Let's consider the manufacturer's point of view on this. Many people, especially with mATX boards, want to have onboard video because they are building a budget machine. Therefore, it is a good thing to leave in. I have two computers at my house that run on onboard video... One of them is the third best computer in my house and it has onboard 6150, which is quite nice for onboard. Keep in mind this board has 4 RAM slots and I have never used more than 2 at any time.
why more ram slots? unles you running a hyped up graphic rendering server, an average person will NEVER use mnore than 8gbs of ram, let alopne 16gb+

anyway, in mobos

more ram slots = less space for goodies such as more sata ports, raid, ide ports, more usb.firewire ports, nice onboard 8 chjannel audio and so on

also, even though ram duznt use miuch power, that still more regulation cicuiry, and more heat produced
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