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Rushing in Age of Empires 3

What do you think about rushing? if you say no rush there are some annoying people who just rush anyway, when ure not ready.
I understand that their is no way for the creators to make no rush because you could just go into the enemies base, but they could maybe do something like make people stay in their own half/section of the map, but then what if all the trading posts are on one half! What do you think?
Personally I hate no rush.

understand that their is no way for the creators to make no rush

There is now. A guy that posts on has created a set of maps that has an impassable wall in the center of the map which disapears after a certain lenght of time, thus making it impossible to rush before the time ends. They havent created whole new maps, theyve just added this wall to already existing maps such as Texas and Great Plains (a few others I think aswell). But because its a custom map you get no XP from it and it is not rated. But if you are sick of being rushed this is for you! Download here.
that thing with the walls is a great idea. a lot of the times when i played online i found myself being attacked before i was able to defend myslef. i dont enjoy playing with rush since games uauslly get more fun the longer they take. its juat that feeling that your fighting against someone your own level, not someone lower or higher that either loses quickly or wins quickly. in the end you can really say it was a great game
can you fire over/through these walls? because then you could use mortars or ships couldnt you? like normal walls, actually i suppose that would make you stay away from the walls.
When the map was first released yes but now its impossible to pass the wall or fire through and/or over it.
I like to build up my villiage fast the build a army and attack fast. im onley workin on buildin up the villiage and the army fast so i can attack Very Happy
Rushing is a normal part of the game. If you're still learning, you can set up a friendly match. However, if you go up against someone random, you have to expect anything. (Rush > Boom > Turtle > Rush) If he beats you in the first 15 mins, he could beat you in 40 mins. Isn't it better to get a game done faster if you're just going to lose?

That said, there are some games that give you strong enough defenses at start to discourage rushes. Instead of a great wall that disappears after some time, I suggest just playing a map with numerous towers surrounding your base. They'll be easy to take out later on, but they'll significantly hurt a rush.
My style in Age Of Empire IS rusher. If you don't rush, learn how to not be rush.

But when you rush, your base is not attacked. So you can make a base and prepare your self for a future attack.
If your style is more leisurely or you just like to plan before making a move, consider turn-based strategy games. Civ4 is excellent and HoMM 3 is one of my favorites.
thannnnnnnnnnnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a lot for that topic
thannnnnnnnnnnxxxxxxxxxxx alot
Harley14 wrote:
Personally I hate no rush.

Yeah, I mean I'm pretty bad at the game, but when I play against other newb/rook level players, I don't want a stupid no rush game. It's just making up new rules to the game, I say, just play normally.
I love AoE. But I just play with my friends on LAN as we do not have Internet (Hard to believe? Believe it)...

So we don't really know these terms that you are using.

What is Rush?

And what is God's name is Turtle?!!! Shocked
Well rush means to atack as early as possible, Ottoman and Russians are best for this. Turtle means to focus on defense from a rush or any other atack. Build lots of walls, towers and make it hard to get to your town center and other important buildings.
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Just so you know, turtling in AOE3 is NOT recommended. There are some RTS games that allow you to turtle effectively, but AOE3 is not one of them. This is a common mistake by new players.

Booming can be done with proper useage of cards, but certainly rushing is the most common tactic. You typically want to hit early in any RTS. Get some military out quick, but don't leave them standing around. Go raid or harass. Keep the enemy on the defensive while you build and upgrade.
I think no rush games are sooo boring! Half the point of AoE3 is to attack!
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