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If you could change one thing about yourself ?

Ok here is a thought, if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
The rules for this thought;
It must be something that you could really change.
Something as in , bad habit, personal, physical.
Has to be something that after deciding on it, you can say why you would change.
Think about it, be honest.
Show how you would go about changing said thing.
Show how it might effect your over all life and others around you .

Well, I would like to change my habit of telling others everything that I know, Even the deepest secrets of mine. This seems to be a very annoying habit of mine that doesnot seem to go, no matter how hard I try. Some friend or the other lures me into telling him something private I am hiding from him, sometimes he blackmails me emotionally, and sometimes it just slips out of my tongue.

This thing always puts me in a state of depression whenever it happens, so I would like to change it.
It wouldnt change the life of anyone around me though, but my life would certainly be more pleasant.

Nice question anyways, will be checking up on this forum.

Warm Regards,
i think... possibily.. understand ppls emotions more Shocked
If I were to change one thing about myself... it would probably be the laziness. Haha, I have all these great ideas and absolutly NO willpower to get them done. Makes school a real pain in the rear, y'know? "Read this book by Friday"... then Friday comes, and I'm only on page 300 (it's a 500 page book). Yikes.

Being non-lazy would be great, I'd probably get more promotions too...

if you think that something that you change about yourself does not effect others, you are wrong. It does and it will, as in telling your deepest darkest secrets, if they cant get that out of you anymore, and as you say you will be a happier person, then those around you will be a little bit happier, and those, that in the past got the info out of you, will have to find someone else to steal from.
So everything you do and say touchs others,
I tend to live by my Marine Corps training, Honor, courage, commitment.
As to not being lazy, maybe it is not lazy, but lack of motivation. Or to many things on your plate. Try making small goals, things that you can finish on a day to day. then move to the grander projects.
Read that book by Friday. Well start now, and read that book by the end of the day, Back away from the keyboard. You will be ok for an hour or two Smile

to be continued...
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