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Friendship, love, sex, lies, confusion ...

Tonight I had sex with an ex-friend's best childhood friend. No doubt that this ex-friend has always wanted with his good friend what I had today. The sex was really hot, by the way.

I strongly suspect that this same ex-friend has been having sex with one of my good friends. Irony? Tonight the balance was restored.

But I find myself in thoughts of revenge. That my act of sex was revenge against this ex-friend for the acts of sex that I strongly speculate have been happening with he and my good friend. This revenge comes from jealousy, I'm sure. After all, I found myself to be somewhat in love with this ex-friend at one point or another in our friendship.

So, I worry about my morality and how I am taking what happened tonight. It was so unexpected, and I jumped on the opportunity, breaking my word even to other friends that I would spend time with them. I am probably making a big deal out of this, but I just need some consolation and others' thoughts on the subject.
I that you had too choices that night. You could have either slept with the friend or you could have just explained your feelings. I think that you took the wrong pathway and choose revenge. You don't always have to have revenge. Sometimes its better to explain how you feel. I understand that you must be confused so I would suggest you go and talk to that ex friend of yours. I think you should be stronger and not to let your sex drive and anger take over. Nextime I think you should express your feelings.
Well, as you said, it happened "tonight" so I take it you still haven't slept. Sleeping on it will get you a clearer idea of the matter. Here's what I have found though, whenever I felt like taking revenge on someone... It'll never be solved taking revenge; and you'll feel much better talking to the person about it, and making up. It always works, and if they don't want to make up, then forget about it all (unless he takes things even further).

Rhys Andrews


If everytime some one broke up and had sex with their ex best friend there would be WAY to many people reproducing.

You need to sleep on things and figure out your feelings and then act on them calmly like a rational person!

Sometimes you just need a cooling off period and you need it right now to get things straightned out and then act on them dont do anything right now but chill out and get your head straight! Things will work out like they always do just take the time to let things work out and everything will be cool!!

Good Lucky i hope everything works out for you!!
I agree completely, sex is not a vengeful act.
Personally, I need to love someone to do it.
That was the wrong thing, morally, to do. Explaining would've been better.

Of course I completely understand the human factor, where revenge and desire can tempt you.

Good luck, doll.

Well, do you feel better after the sex? Or do you feel bad because you did something that you are not exactly supposed to be doing? What does your conscience tell you about it? I think you are a confused person. You don't know how you feel. You just want things to get physical thinking that being physical will help to make you feel better. You should be able to talk things through with that someone and make things clear that what happened shouldn;t have happened at the first place. Smile
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