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eBay and PayPal problem

I recently sold an item on ebay to someone in the USA. On ebay it shows that the item has been paid for and I should dispatch the item. However on PayPal there is no record of the payment being received. I have emailed the buyer and he confirms that he has sent the payment via PayPal.

I have emailed PayPal but after two weeks now they havent replied.

Anyone out there have any idea what has happenned or can provide a solution.

Many thanks
Make sure of a couple of things before you send the item. First, log into your PP account directly and check to see if the payment is there. You may need to accept the payment. Also, it could be an e-check which needs a few days (up to 14) to clear.

Those are the first things that come to mind. You should try the ebay paypal board also. There are some pretty smart people over there. Also, take a look at the FB and history of your buyer to make sure he isn't trying some new scam on you.

Whatever you do, DO NOT send the item until you have the money.
Check that your PayPal email address is set up correctly on your eBay account. Also, make sure the the buyer sent your payment to the correct address - this could be the reason why it is listed as 'paid' on eBay but has not shown up in your PP account.

If it has gone to the wrong place, the buyer will have to try and claim back the cash (by applying to PayPal), and then send it on to you.
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