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Dark Messiah - Of might and magic


I browsed through file planet here yesterday and found a demo of a game called Dark Messiah - Of might and magic which will be out in fall 2006, its from Ubisoft and is kinda a TES: Oblivion like game, but there is some major diffrence:
1. You can dual wield weapon.
2. In my opinion is the system you learn spells a bit better, although there aint a big arsenal to choose from, you can also learn stealth and melee combat specialities.
3. Its not that open ended as Oblivion though(atleast not in the demo)
4. There is a bigger use for psychis in the game, like you can kick enemies of cliffs and so on, destroy platforms made of wood.
5. You can kick, either in combat or to push people of cliffs and so on, really a nice feature.

the game it self is based on the Source engine from VALVE, known from CS:S and HL2 and so on.

its really the try worth.

if you wanna see another review then mine:

Hope you enjoy it, the demo file is big as hell, but i think it was worth it.
While it's common to do so, it's a mistake to compare it to Oblivion. The only similarity is that they're both fantasy first-person games.

I've been following the development of this game since it's been released. The thought of good melee combat in a first person game appeals to me. It's really hard to pull off which is why I kept a close eye on this one. Plus, I'm a big fan of Ubisoft, the Might and Magic franchise, and the Source engine. It seems a perfect combination in theory.

The demo, while only showing what we've already seen in the videos, proves that the concept works and it's a blast. The voice acting is a bit weak, but I wasn't expecting much from it. It's just so replayable and all the different things they showed off in the demonstrations were actually achievable and easily so.

The multiplayer gameplay in the beta shows promise too. Obviously it's a little difficult to translate this kind of combat into a multiplayer game, but if they can do it, they've got gold.

BTW, make sure to defrag your HD after installing this. It plays smoother and load times are a tad shorter.
i had problems downloading the demo, but i'll keep on trying. Looks soo cool Cool
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