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How To Tell Someone You Love Her/Him?

There are too many ways to tell someone you love them. but when you say it out, sometime it is not the right time or right place to tell them that. so, there are many different ways to say that you love him or her. but which way that can show to her or him that you very very very love her or him?
I am kinda old fashioned so I imagine that you would know this other person pretty well if you are contemplating saying the dreaded 3 words. So in that case your would probably know what that person would like or find romantic. So all you gotta do is do what is expected.

If you have not yet found out this information perhaps you should consider trying to pry that information out. Don't ask straight forward. Suppose you share a movie where the hero and heroine propose, you say 'wasn't that romantic?' and see of he/she agrees. If he/she doesn't then you can ask why and go on from there and get suttle or in depth information of what that person like/dislikes.

Then you can use that information to bring about a situation where a proposal would be a dream come true.

On the other hand if you are thinking of proposing to someone who has not had more than a two sentence conversation with you then there is not much advice anyone can give than to just say, "go for it, hope you come back alive." Laughing
Citizen Kane
I for instance tell my girlfriend everyday that I love her. But to back it up, I do something everyday that tells her that she's very special to me.

I book a table at a romantic restaurant on a regular basis,
I buy her a little present on a regular basis
I try to help her in the house as much as possible
we eat and do the family stuff together, I try to cook for her as much as possible,without it becoming a habit.

Do something special for that one person.
Well i personally find the easiest way of saying it is saying ''i love you'' because the words just make the other person smile, if they are in tears, sad, happy whatever they're just the right words for everyone:) if you find it hard just start by saying you really like them like ''i really like you, i think i love you''Smile
action speak louder than words. so let her know that you really love her by expressing your feelings for her. there are so many different ways. so be creative.
Fancy ways to express how you feel may work sometimes but they really set high standards for later. And since i'm a guy I know how difficult it is to maintain that standard later in teh future. Plus and more importantly, a female doesnt look for fancy ways of expression (unless its a diamond ring Razz) but for true love. Isn't that whats most important?

Just tell her how you feel and if you're feelings are true dont worry what you say, she'll know!
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