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eBook creator for PDA - pref. pdf, cross-platform

Hi, guys -

I was thinking about making an eBook, and I realized that PDA-sized would be most appropriate. I have an old version of eBook Studio, which converts into Palm OS format, but since many pdas now have Acrobat reader, I'd rather make a teeny-tiny pdf that would be cross-platform.

It would be great if it could be read on mobile phones, too. I've seen MobiPocket Creator, but I'm not sure how many people would have the proprietary reader for that.
pansophia wrote:
... since many pdas now have Acrobat reader, I'd rather make a teeny-tiny pdf that would be cross-platform.

Having used eReader (formerly PalmReader), iSilo, MobiPocket, TomeRaider, and Acrobat, I would say that, although Acrobat can be nice when viewing ebooks that are already in PDF format for PC use, it is annoying to use as a PDA eBook reader.

For one thing, one must view the top of a page, then scroll down to view the bottom of the page then go to the next page. With a real PDA eBook, one scrolls from page to page much more easily.

For another, one can scroll through real PDA eBooks automatically at one's own reading speed, without having to touch the PDA to change each page. Instead, it just smoothly scrolls as would a teleprompter, and is a much more pleasant way to read eBooks.

Thus, I would suggest you either keep your eBook as PDB, or make it available in both PDB and PDF.
Excellent points!

MobiPocket claims to be cross-platform. Do you have any experience with that? Is the reader widely distributed?

Also, I'd like to add nice graphics, which was why I was thinking pdf. Isn't pdb just text format?

(Asking out of genuine ignorance - I'm still using my old palm III, and I haven't installed any extra software on it in 4 years).
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