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Foriegners, permenant residents, immigration, etc.

I went to this film festival:

and I was watching the documentary "I is for India" about an Indian family that emigrated to England in the 70s, and then "Eve and the Fire Horse" which deals with a Chinese family living in the US also in the 70s, and it got me thinking about immigration in general. I have some family in Germany, and they tell me about the Middle Eastern population there that is segregated (unofficially, but there are strong social boundaries.)

So I ask you, diverse population of Frihost, tell me about the immigration situation where you live, and any stories you might have about the diversity of people where you live and how well or poorly they are tolerated by the "natives."
i wrote a giant write up let me see if i can find it
stupid ****** beaners (no offence) The following refers the the bill going to the senate regarding making anyone who employs, harbors or is an illegal immigrant, a felon, giving the police the right to arrest a illegal immigrant for deportation if they are pulled over. Also over the bill from president bush about having "work permits" which are easier to get then green cards and wont ruin the economy. more info:(read in order) Protests Comprimise by Bush Okay, so every ****** mexican has united in californa to show how doltish and hipocritical they are. Lets start with this morning... i wake up and the news is on they were talking about how mexicans all over CA and other staes are "marching for....." (replace .... for equality, feedom, fairness, a "good" cause) so i think wtf? i didnt hear of any set bills or what now so on my way to school (my bike) i jacked a news paper from this ladys porch >Smilei read it and found ou what all the shit was about the above mentioned bills/laws/what ever so i go to school and go to an assembly about how many credits sophmores should have and shit interupted every ten seconds with a loud "viva la raza" or "viva la revolution" followed by various cheers and claps and shit so when that was over i went to PE not i get dressed and go outside and here comes a river of refried beans and ob smelling foulness that god cant imagine not juts mexicans either, ****** every race at our school. So the regular person would say "hey everyone else is doing it let go!" and they did but you could tell that most of the people were ****** ups and losers so just to ****** humar my preassumption i went and asked people at random what they were marching for ten people consecutivly said "the law" when i asked them to elaborate everyone of them just went deeper into the crowd and ignored me. i was right they were all just dumbasses looking for an excuse to ditch class. so i said to a group of them "how deeply do you feel about wht your doing" the reply? "oh we feel very strong cause the law afects(sic) our familys" hmmmmm..... so its REAAALY important??! then how come when theuy got to the gate to leave and there was a cop outside they decided that it wasnt worth getting in trouble and turned around and went back to the quad and "rallied" some more? ****** pussys there cause was so important it was worth ditching class but not important enough to stand up to the police being as they were having a NON violent protest nothing would have happened or perhaps have they proved again that they were just DITCHING CLASS FOR NO REASON ditching thier FREE EDUCATION ironicly being as they are fighting for the rights of illegal immigrants to live work and prosper in the usa living off the fat of the land but they dont even respect thier FREE education enough to protest AFTER SCHOOL! What are they proving being dolts ditching class and "protesting" there is no one to see them protest in the middle of the day in the first place and if they wanted to educate people onhow "unfair" it is then they woould protest when the most people would see them BEFORE or AFTER school AND theyd make a stronger point to people because it shows thier respect for thier rights as americans and for thier education provided free by amercan tax dollars NOT illegal immigrants any way the day went on with viva la mexico as the dumbasses lurched across campus for 5 hours afraid to jusp the fence and too stupid to go to class and at lunch sure enough the blacks and mexicans showed how UNDOUBTEDLY intelegent they are by guess what? HAVING A GIANT FIGHT good job youve lowered your race another peg and now you can wonder why white people feel so self rightous and better than you. the day ended with the dumbasses flying ALL mexican flags not showing a bit of respect for the country that provided them the right to protest or accually live being that all thier parents are illegal dont get me worng my school is one of the best in the state (ranked around 53)but today they've made us an ME look like shit dont call me racist because my mom and here family LEGGALLY migrated fro guatamala to the usa and all got thier green cards from taking the test learning english and working thier ****** asses off so when these morons do that kinda shit they work against themselfs
Dude, would it kill you to use paragraphs? I'll bet there was even something worth reading in that word montage.... Rolling Eyes
HDirtwater wrote:
Dude, would it kill you to use paragraphs? I'll bet there was even something worth reading in that word montage.... Rolling Eyes

My first thought after seeing that... but I did read through it. My summary:

Mexicans across CA and some other states are marching for (insert justice type word, i.e. freedom, here). At his school, they had an assembly about the required amounts of credits, and people repeatedly interruped with pro-revolution banter. In his P.E. class, some of the students decided to ditch for a march about the law which most of the people did not even know about. They were confronted by a police officer and suddenly the cause wasn't so worthy. Some other stuff then he says his mom's family immigrated to the US legally by actually getting greencards.
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