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escaping death

what up blog dawgs? Been a while since I wrote anything in here. Reason being I really haven't been doing that great. On July 9th I went home to Nova Scotia to see my family and friends for a week. Everything was going great til later on that day something happened that would change my life and well nearly end it. I was playing around with my sister and she jumped up on my back, when I fell down her knees landed into me and were driven into my spleen wich caused internal bleeding, however at that time I did not know. A few days later I started feeling sick and dehidrated, I thought nothing of it, just thought it was a bug that was going around. A day or so later I started feeling a little bit better and just went on. I flew back home and started feeling sick again. I went to mcdonalds with my friend jason and well pretty much tossed everything that I ate there... later that night he felt sick too so we both thought it was the food. I went to work for three days feeling fine. Till Wednesday July 19th I went over to my friend Tuckers and started feeling dizzy. I thought nothing of it but went to lay down. A few hours later Tucker heard a thud and found me at the top of his stairs passed out, he called an ambulance and I was rushed to the hospital. There I found out that I had a minor case of mono but more seriouse was that my spleen was ruptured and bleeding, the blood was being absorbed by my liver causing me to be dehidrated. I spent 2 weeks in the hospital, at first not being allowed to drink anything, that soon changed but I could drink clear fluids but not eat anything. I was hooked up to IV's and Oxygen. I was totaly scared and didn't know what to think. I later found out that if Tucker didn't call he ambulance that night I would not be here today. Included with the IV I had to be given a blod transfusion where I had lost so much and my heboglobin was down. Days passed and I would later be able to eat solid foods "if you call hopsital food food" lol. I was still however on oxygen, I think I was taken off the oxygen 4 days be fore I was discharged from the hospital. However on Aug 3rd I would ve released from the hospital and brought back home. I am still off from work, well till the 15th at least. My breathing is fine however I still get tired a lot. I am eating healthy and going for a lot of walks. In total I lost about 20-25 pounds, that's not a good thing to do that in 2 weeks. However I must say I am starting to look good lol. Anyway I must get going, I thank everyone who came to see me and stay with me during that rough time.
the important thing is,

Is the floor ok? did the thud hurt the wood?!! i think what everyone wants to know is, how is the floor doing?


glad your ok i bet your sister felt bad Neutral
ye ... accidents happen... good 2 hear u doin good
Is the floor ok? did the thud hurt the wood?!! i think what everyone wants to know is, how is the floor doing?

I am happy to announce that the floor is doing ok, it was a little shaken up from the thud, it had to go through tharapy but it is doing ok now. LOL

As for me I am back to 100% full of energy, but watching what I do with it last thing we need is another accident.
I also think that it is true that accidents happen so you cannot escape death!
MWANGI wrote:
I also think that it is true that accidents happen so you cannot escape death!

that is soo true, but the way i see it and the way the doctors see it if my friend DID NOT call the ambulance I would have died on the floor that night
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