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Fan brands

Hey, well Iv been looking around for a while and there are a few differnet fan brand names that Iv seen that people like, coolmaster, evercool, etc.

Any ways, Im wondering what people here at frihost use/like for their system fans.

It would be nice if you mention why also, such as how long they lasted, how quite they are, how useful they are.
For fans i tend to generall lean towards Arctic Cooling or Antec

I use both in my case and the Arctic Cooling fans seem to be a little quieter but the Antec one is a Tri-Speed so i like how i can adjust how much intake i get.
Really most fans are fine, just make sure they arn't cheap with shilves or other stuff like that. I currently use Ultra, AC, and Coolmaster for my fan contorller and HD Cooler. Zanteck get my vote for coolers too.
case fans made by Scythe are said to be very very quiet. They have models there running just with 800rpm and they make noise at a level of 9db..
different fans have differnt ratings... it doesnt matter what fan u get if it suits your need and isnt noisy... i just use normal unbranded ones, and they work just fine
Artic Cooling all the way.
i use antec, zalman and thermaltake fans

dont go for the cheapie 8 dollar fans - there often noisy, draw a lot of power, lakc pwm mobo control, and r inefficient ie the amount of air they move for the current drawn and noise is pathetic
well, I have a monster zalman copper heatsink fan and while it provides decent cooling, it's te loudest fan out in my computer. I was goign ot get the thermaltake typhoon but that fan is a monster! I've read reviews on how heavy it is and how it could warp your mobo.
Papst are also said to be great! Watch out for them... Quiet and much power...
I'm using Aspire now Apevia fans. But on all my computer , i have fans controller. This is a little thing who reduce the noise and i can control the speed depend on the application i use.
I personally prefer Cooler Master, they've always lasted quite a while for me and cooled well. The ones I have now aren't the quietest fans ever but they're not loud by any means (especially considering there are 5 of em heh). Any of the major brands should be fine, if noise is a concern just get bigger fans that can move the same amount of air at a lower RPM.

teko does some great objective reviews of fans and other pc components to see how quiet they are.

Pabst and Panaflo seem to be some of the quietest.

They also have recommended lists of components if you're looking to build a quiet pc
Genewrally speaking, I use any fan that doesn't run away. Currently, I'm using Antec, CompUSA house brand, Artic cooling on my heatsink, and a couple of 80mm I've salvaged from dead power supplies.
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