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Old fight issue, Flash or Html, Macromedia has a tip?

Well, there is a lot of ways to discuss this, but I always ask myself, why Macromedia don't use only flash.

I have severals experiences doing full flash sites, and not the cartoons like. Complete systems of e-learning can be done.

The plug-in is not the problem, I don't now any who can't download.

Maybe the SEO issue is the key?

This is up to you people. Lets talk (or write in this case)
Well flash its a newer thing on the maket and internet there are many things that major sites can't use action script to program.

Like its a little hard to program a forum and... well there are somethings I can't think of. Flash probly wouldn't effect google's indexing seeing as there use amout of links to the site then content on it.

I think flash is cool but actionscript has many thing it could still use.

Also one more thing at times flash can be a pain in the but edit when editing a site instead of changing the scripting you have to change the image
Yes, SEO is an issue. I also agree with cr3ativ3 that editing the content of a Flash site is usually harder than an HTML site. There are no great Flash CMS programs, so if the client wanted to update their own site, it would be nearly impossible.

There is also the issue of file size. Now I know that broadband internet access is becoming more and more popular, but there are still people out there with dial-up and you have to think about them.
Ok, when you change an image using HTML, you need to upload the new image, it is not the same when you change the swf file and upload it?

If you think on change the image position, in flash you just move and thats all, using HTML make the image go just a little bit up, you need be a master table,css and style maker.

What about use a combination, flash embeded only in interactive parts of the site?
Flash for animations, HTML, CSS, PHP, and all that AJAX stuff for websites.

Why are there two discussion topics on this?
Shake wrote:
Flash for animations, HTML, CSS, PHP, and all that AJAX stuff for websites.

Why are there two discussion topics on this?

Save some research time, What exactly do AJAX? and please compare with flash, please.
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