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"Web Pages That Suck" Website and Books

Hey everyone,

I was in a computer class a few years ago where I first heard about the website and book "Web Pages That Suck". I found their website right away - - and it took some time before I found the books in book stores. What "Web Pages That Suck" does is that they "Teach good design by looking at bad design". I like the approach that they took by doing it that way, instead of being a "step-by-step tutorial" on how to make web pages that the authors can only make, because of their already talented skill in art. Vincent Flanders is the founder of the website and co-authors of the 2 books, with the readers helping pointing out sucky websites online, and with friends of his being the other authors of the books. They're celebrating their 10-year anniversary this year.

I owned one book for awhile (the second one, "Son Of Web Pages That Suck") but I only found the first one recently ("Web Pages That Suck"). I finished reading it today and it's very inspiring, although I've already been in the web design business for a few years now. So, I've read the second book before the first. I do have to point out that with the first book, almost all of the links are dead, changed, or updated. It's OK because it shows what those web pages were like at the time of the printing with screenshots. I've even been to the Internet Archive and had a look at some of the pages that they are referencing to, to see how they actually looked in my browser. A lot of them looked pretty bad.

I found the "Son Of Web Pages That Suck" book (the second book) at Borders 2 years ago, it was marked at $10.00. They no longer have it the nearest store around my house since I bought the last one. I bought the first "Web Pages That Suck" book at MicroCenter just recently (last weekend), it was mixed in with their Discount Books section for around $4.00. I'm so glad that I looked at those shelves since I as after this for the longest time.

I like how they've done their books because in the 2nd one (primarily), they have sidebars that read "Sucks A Lot" about things that you should avoid getting trapped into online, and "Sucks Not" for cool tools that can help you with your website. They've done the same thing in the 1st book with "Oh No" and "Too Cool". I think the titles for the 2nd book are better. Razz

They're both interesting reads, as these are some of the things that they cover are :

- "Splash Pages"
- JavaScript/CSS/DHTML (they call it Du-HTML)/Java/Flash/Shockwave
- Sound files
- Large images for slower connections
- Not having a lot of content on websites
- "Mystery Meat Navigation"
- Not registering a domain
- The list goes on and on, and it's well worth the money.

Has anyone else been to this website, and/or read either of the 2 books ? What are your opinions and comments ? I'm interested.

My books - Razz

As you can tell from what I've typed up, I have nothing to say badly about these books or their website. I think they're wonderful and should help out new designers by starting things off right with their websites.

- Mike.
Hey! Surprised
I have heard about this website 1 year ago. It is very good site. There are many things to learn here from mistakes. Cool
hellrahul wrote:
Hey! Surprised
I have heard about this website 1 year ago. It is very good site. There are many things to learn here from mistakes. Cool

As you can probably tell, I love them too. Razz Have you read their books ?

- Mike.
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