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Have you ever...

... been on a sugar trip? They can be really disturbing. Closest I've ever been to "tripping out" as such, it's quite an acheivment considering I'm not a drug user. Everyone knows about being hyper from caffine but some people can get effected more than others. I myself consume way too much when with friends, probably more than beer or anything else.

I once stayed up until 5am and everything felt weird all of a sudden. The walls next to me looked like they were miles away and everything had suddenly scaled itself really big. I could see loads of colours on white sufaces like my ceiling mostly and I couldn't really move without feeling vaguely ill. Anyone had any similar (non drug!) experiences?

I think part of that was sleep deprivation as well I've never had similar experiences during the day or any other early type period.

Anyone know the science of this? I mean it was pretty weird. I found that combinations of soft drinks and stuff can have certain side effects, I think it's combination of chemicals! I used to experiment with it but it's not fun if you get it wrong.
Me & some friends once went to the mall & found these things that were like giant fat meter-long pixie sticks full of sugar and we downed a few each as we were competing to see if we could down one in one long pull Laughing needless to say we got so sugar high we could harldy walk without falling over laughing. It was night so on the ride home all the lights looked pretty sparkly and neat but THEN the headaches & dizzyness came and everything wasnt so funny anymore. Crashing from so much sugar is not fun...
Ive felt really weird after eating far too much sugar before, did feel a bit like i was drunk but nothing exactly special, its just a result of a sudden surge in energy really.
are you guys six!!!!!!!! i the only times i have hullucinated not on drugs was when i had a serious fever and was loaded on meds no wait so i guess i was on drugs that time well yea no never had a sugar high(or thought i had one) since i was six. its all in the mind guys!!!!
Although I like sweets I have never eaten so much at one sittng that I got sick/high.

But after reading this topic I think I understand why Ross in Friends get's high on a trip with Chandler. He eats a lot of Maple Candy. I thought it was something special to Maple Candy. I even searched for it in Wikipedia but it had no story about getting high from eating it.

I guess it was just cos he ate too many like you guys.
Ray Gravin
Yeah ... me and some friends went to earthfare (an organic grocery store chain) and had lunch yesterday. Me and my best freind had a whole apple pie and a pint of soy icecream between us. I was feeling good : p

I wouldnt use the word triping, I was rather uphoric though. Everything and everyone was beautifull. Of couse I always feel that way around one of the people who was with us. She had been away in florida for the summer and had just come home this week. Im not sure who to attribute the unusual amount of happiness I was experiencing.
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