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Anyone play Habbo Hotel or Runescape?

Simple Question anyone play habbo hotel or runescape... Because I want to see who else play's it I jsut started it wanted to know something.
Isn't Habbo Hotel more of a graphical chat room than a game, or has it changed since I last heard of it?
I played rs for 3 years on and off its an ok game but they only update for members which is dumb I was a member at 1 point in time.
Rune scape annoys the crap outta me, look, i died. now ALL my items are gone -_- waste of valubale webspace and time in my opinion.

Habbo is a great place to annoy people. and no, im not really this cold hearted. I just act it Twisted Evil
Naw I just started them I was going to ask people for things on them lol.
i didnt really like runescape but whats this habbo hotel?
My sister plays that habbo hotel thingy looked pretty lookin.
And i hate Runescape...
Silent Soul X
i used to play runescape ages ago but one i got all my stats high enough it became repetitive and i found that it took to long to unlock something knew or enjoy the game compared to when i first started
Runescape was a great community ages ago before RS2 and before they advertised on Miniclip.

Shortly after RS2's release and they advertising on miniclip, i quit the game.

The community became horrid.
runescape = worst game ever
I played habbo a little, but coke music is better. It's just fun when your rich and you scam people to get even more Twisted Evil
I play both RS and Habbo! Or... I played RS, but I got tired of it...

....Habbo, on the other site, I do not think I will get tired of... At least not in the nearest future...

(Pardon my terrible English... Embarassed )
My time playing Runescape was full of tragedy. I could not stand to keep playing it, because all it ever did was make me angry, and it kept pulling me back, over and over. For a free game, it was good, but the fact that you get such a small, insignificant piece of land to play on pissed me off, since I'm not going to pay money for Runescape when I could pay for, say, World of Warcraft or Everquest. Sure, it was only 5 bucks, but it was the fundimentals that counted. Also, the fact that everyone was in a clan and there was no clan system at all made me very angry, and left me disorganized. The only games I'm playing now are Dofus and Kingdom of Loathing. If you want a the first ever tactical MMORPG, for the love of whatever god, go play Dofus right now, it's great! If you like more oldschool RPG's and games that are not serious at all, go play Kingdom of Loathing. KoL has more of a cult following to it, so it's not for everyone, but Dofus, that is something everyone should love!

BTW, does anyone have a link for an American or at least english version of Habbo Hotel? Because it peeks my interest. I probably won't like it, because it sounds like Gaia, and I HATE Gaia, but I want to give it a shot.
i think runescape is bad because i dont like.

i playing habbo hotel and my sister mother father everybody playing habbo in my family.habbo is very good friend-chat game.
runescape is a bad game imo.
go play world of warcraft, you have to pay for it but its really worth the money.
Runescape is to simple and boring
runescape no haboo from time to time look for me or just look at my room search lt.bennett
RS is OK i guess, but the graphics seriously bothers me so i quit. Haha.
HabboHotel i used to be addicted to it, for a stupid reason. I feel to alone in real life. Haha, well, I quit since I hangout alot nowadays, and that game becomes seriously pointless. I just becomes an online market. =.=
yeah, runescape was ok...i started playing a while ago but then quit....
there were too many whiney little kids playing and spamming
Habbo Hotel looked to adwarey and crap considering I could play a real game that was probably much better. Runescape I played for a month or so but they got too bored and realised it would be a much better idea to go back to Diablo II for a while instead.
I used to play the latter. I don't like it anymore. RSC had much more of a better community than RS2 - I hate the current community.
i played runescape but that is getting boring if you are like lvl 65 free player so i am playing habbo hotel thats much better
i easaly get board
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