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Amost every woman I've EVER ridden in a vehicle with

S3nd K3ys
is all gas or all brake. It's annoying as hell. For some reason, most women can't grasp the concept of fluidly maintaining speed.

My wife has this annoying rythmic application of the gas pedal to hold speed. I'm always telling to quit pulsating the pedal and just hold it where you need it.

My sister accelerates till she's speeding, brakes till she's going too slow, then accelerates till she's speeding again.

And women wonder why I'm a control freak when it comes to driving.

Rolling Eyes
Was I the only one who clicked this topic expecting something... different?

Anyways... umm... I guess some people drive better than others.

</trying to avoid stereotype jokes>
kazikame wrote:
Was I the only one who clicked this topic expecting something... different?

Anyways... umm... I guess some people drive better than others.

</trying to avoid stereotype jokes>


*no comment*

Well i dont think all woman drive like that... i know i wont Cool lol.
Yea kazi I was thinking the same thing lol!

Anyway, my wife has this annoying habit with clicking the overdrive button on and off every time she accelerates... she thinks it saves gas but in reality its the most annoying thing to listen to. She'll get to third gear then turn overdrive on, and when she slows down she turns it off.... every... time... Razz
HAHAHA i was expecting something different too!
since im female and I suck at driving (i havent started learning yet Smile ), I can't really say anything else though.
hahahaha you guys are so funny. By the thread title I figured it was going to mean that girls mess with the radio when driving. I like to consider myself a good drive....yes...I drive fast...but with my car you HAVE TO!
Yea i know people like that. Like my dad will set to speed controle and go. But my mom is like that though.

But i don't drive yet but with four whelling i am gas then maybe let off. But then again thats off rode. It depeneds on where i am.
Yup.. Same thing went through my mind. (not the radio thing)

The only time i've ever been in a car with a women driver is a taxi think lol... and tbh, there just all go and no brake lol.
A few things that I want to say.

First thing is that my mom is a leadfoot. She's rear-ended cars at stoplights a few times, only one time in the past few years that I knew about. I told my dad about that (mom and dad are divorced) and he said she's done that a few times when she was married to him. She puts it to the floor and brakes at the last second.

Second thing is that my dad gave his wife (my step-mom) a stick-shift car several years back because it was a good car that was dirt cheap. She told him that she knows how to drive stick-shift, but that was a white lie. When I was in the car with her once, she was changing the gears every few seconds from 1st gear, to 3rd gear, to 2nd gear, etc, and it wouldn't stop. The car only lasted not even a month before she burned out the clutch. She then got an automatic car after that.

Third thing is that when my sister is in the car with me, she won't know how to be quiet. When I tell her I've had enough, she doesn't know and just talks about TV shows that I don't much care about or ever watch. I turn on the radio and then she flips out taking it like it's disrespect. She doesn't realize that I don't want to hear it, and since I'm the driver of the car, I dictate what's going on. End of story. I hate it.

- Mike.
Code of Ruin
I totally agree with izcool here that nothing is as annoying as people that break your focus when driving. But to get back to S3nd K3ys statement. Some of the best drivers I know are women. But they are unfortunately a rarity. I really dislike the women business drivers. Nothing is more annoying then when you are standing in front of a green light with a women in a care before you that won't go because she is polishing her nails. Also some women drivers have a tendency to disrespect me because I am young. It isn't like you drive better just because you are an older woman. Luckily I mostly get RESPECT on the road even from those awfull women business drivers because what I drive is a battle ship for European standards.
Funny enough, only some of the women I've met have problems driving fluently. And no I do not dislike women drivers more then male drivers. Everyone who can't drive, I dislike.
Im not going to tar all ladies with the ame brush, that wouldnt be fair, but the two women I have spent considerable amounts of time in a car with are my mum and sister, who seem unable to use the correct gear for the situation, on flat 30 limit roads I can quite happily mosy along in 5th (its a diesel, changing to 4th to accelerate if need be) but my mum and sister will quite happily let the engine scream in 3rd for the duration. Sometime ive even known them to leave it in 4th on the motorway! agh, yet how come its me thats "p!ssing away all the fuel"? I cant wait to be able to afford my own car!, then we'll see who is refuelling every 5 minutes.

I suppose the one leveller on this subject is, talking as 20yr old guy, I can be suseptable to getting wound up behind slower drivers which would make me tend to accelerate harder than my mum or sister would (then again, they wouldnt be wound up because the driver in front would be going a good speed for them). So I will burn more fuel getting up to speed and using the full rev-range on the engine, but then I will settle into a very economical cruise.

Its all swings and roundabouts I guess Smile

kazikame wrote:
Was I the only one who clicked this topic expecting something... different?

Anyways... umm... I guess some people drive better than others.

</trying to avoid stereotype jokes>

same here... anywayz my sis and mum also drive the same way.. sometimes sis presses the gas pedal all the way down and car switches off with a big thud!!
Duncan Idaho
lol, great topic.
My mom practically simultaneously keeps pressing the brake and the gas, its like stop-go-stop-go-stop-go-stop-go. and she wonders why her neck hurts every day.
Yeah I'll do that (pulsate the gas) when there's nobody present, just as a method of eliminating the monotony, because my car has no radio so It's either that or be talking random shit the ride up.

My dad I've seen do it too, he's like 60-something though so it's cool I guess he's allowed to do absent-minded stuff at that age.

So ya it's not a gender thing, though I have noticed the females of my family pull into the driveway forward and the males will back in for a quick escape.
Well, I laughed at that because you really did describe my mother perfectly !

However, I'm female and I'm quite sure I grasped the concept of fluid drive... Once, I drove 2 hours with my father and he fell asleep.. he woke up all disoriented and said: "Wow, I never fell asleep with your mom driving before!"

So I took it as a compliment!
Odd, that's exactly the complaint I have about my husbands driving.
Men, you know, no subtlty. Not when it comes to the way they drive, anyways...
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