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Raiders of the Lost Ark: Adaptation

Doubtful, many of you are aware, but there is a remake of the famous Spielberg flick "Raiders of the Lost Ark", as done by a couple high school kids back in the 80s

I heard about it online a couple years ago and tried to find a copy of it, either as a download or a bootleg copy on ebay, to no avail.

However, I found out that it occasionally pops up at film festivals, and found out that it was playing in Chicago (last spring). I drove three hours down to the windy city and saw what will probably be the most inspiring movie of my life.

The entire Raiders movie (save for one minor scene) was remade by a handful of high school students on a 7 year schedule, with a shoe-string budget of $5000 (which was about $700 per year, mind you). The filmmakers were present at the event, answering speaking before the showing, and answering questions afterward. They laugh about the movie now, since it was clearly an amateur job done by kids going through puberty. In fact, part of the charm of the movie is noticing the physical maturing of the actors in what amounts to a 90 minute timeframe. The same actors at the end of the movie are significantly taller, with deeper voices, than at the beginning.

And yet, even with no acting lessons, special effects background, or any adult help, they manage to make a fairly believable replica of a movie they treasured. They even procure access to a naval submarine for a critical scene by asking the navy for permission every week for 6 years.

If you ever get a chance to see it, I highly recommend it! Rumor has it that a documentary is being made about their experience. No word as to whether Spielberg will release it with Raiders in a box set, but some of us are hopeful.
Wow! sounds like quite an adventurous experience. I would love to get a chance to see their adaptation. Would be just as interested in the movie about them, that is in the works. Amazing how a movie can spark such a long lasting project. Nice post Wink
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