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Positive feedback and Constructive critisism please

I have just got my frihost hosting account sorted and have a registered domain that I now have forwarded to this account.

I wonder if you nice people out there might try out my site and give me some positive feedback and constructive critisism please, as this is work in progress. I wish to provide online technical support free for everyone and UK onsite support and technical services on a pay system. The website is below.
To be honest, the language is odd. I don't know if it is because I'm an American or because my definitions of the words are different than yours, but something about the text seems off. I will use a paragraph from the front page to illustrate what I mean.

Our services provide bespoke IT solutions which maybe anything from a prestigious website through to a refreshing new PC for the home or office, or maybe just general computer maintenance all you have to do is askChris.

To me, this reads like:

Our services give request(ed?) computer-related fixes, which perhaps anything from a respected website to to a renewing new PC for the home or office, or (our fixes also give) maybe just general computer maintenance all you have to do is askChris.

I believe you meant something closer to the following.

Our services include (We provide) on-request (on-demand?) IT solutions, which may be anything from a well designed website to a new PC for the home or office. If you have questions about general computer maintenance, all you need to do is askChris."

Well, the original is awkward-sounding to me, and I think you should revise the language or find someone who can do it for you. It seems to me that English isn't your first language; in this case you should talk to one of your friends who is a native-speaker.
First impressions are good, the homepage looks great, but if it was me i'd try to seperate all the sections, rather than trying to make it looked like it's merged all together. I can't really explain what I mean, but you might understand, afterall your Chris!

Many thanks to Handles for your input, since reading this I have changed the wording on the website.

English is my first language, although I am a Yorkshire man, and many people from other counties in England say that we do not speak proper English, so that comment made me laugh a little.

I have added a Wiki to the site aswell.
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