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How to remove file sharing from Windows for good?

Someone has created a file share of my C drive and called it PublicShare. I can remove it manually by going through the drive's properties. However, it is only removed before I reboot. After reboot, the PublicShare is created again on its own. Is there a way to remove the share permanently?
That sounds like a trojan or a virus.

First and foremost, make sure your anti-virus software is up to date, then do a full-system scan.

While that is scanning (it will take a while), click the Windows Start button, then "Run" and execute "msconfig". Go to the "Startup" and "Services" tabs and see if anything there appears to relate to this. If so, uncheck it, click "Apply" then click "OK". Since the virus scan will still be running, tell it not to restart the system yet.

Even if your virus software finds and eliminates something, go to either or and run a free, online virus scan.

Once all of that is done, restart your system, but when it starts to come up, before it gets to the Windows screen, hold down F8 and tell it to start up in Safe Mode. Then go to the drive's properties and turn off sharing, and reboot the system normally.

If you still have problems, also try downloading HijackThis and Process Explorer and run them to see if you can find anything that way. If you need help interpreting the output of HijackThis, save the log, then copy and paste it into for analysis.

Good luck!
1]Open up control panel --> Network connections (switch to classic view if using XP)
2]Right click the connection you're using (Probably the only one)
3]Click 'properties' on the drop-down menu.
4]The properties of that device should open, inside the window there is first the connection you're using, then the 'this connection uses the following items' box, then some more stuff you don't need to worry about.
5]in the above mentioned '... uses the following items' box, click 'file and printer sharing for microsoft networks'
6]click uninstall (just beneath the box) and finish the uninstallation process.
7]If that dosn't fix it, you definately have malicious software on your system; scan it.
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