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Visiting New York: Where to go???

What is your suggestion what one should do if one has 1 or 2 days to spend in New York? If I've never been there before? Any special recommendations or just the ordinary tourist things like brooklyn bridge, emprie state building? Or some secrets?

Let me know, I'm curious to know, and I've the chance to try these out soon........ would be cool to get some NEW suggestions.
Thanks in advance
if it were me, and it was the first time, and i had only 2 days, i would do the obvious tourist things....

only when i have more time in a place do i go see the obscure/non-tourist things...

cant tell anyone that ive been to new york and not seen the empire state Razz
Make sure when you visit the Statue of Liberty, you go really early in the day to get tickets to actually go up IN the Statue. It's SO much better than just touring the base (which is rather boring). The ticket place opens at 8am, I believe, in Battery Park, so either get up really early or send one person in your party that early to get tickets for all. The trip to Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty really isn't worth the price unless you get the free ticket up in the Statue - honestly. Summer is the high season, so you WILL have to get there early. When my boyfriend & I went last summer, we got to the ticket place around 8:40am and we literally got the LAST 2 tickets.

After you get them, there's plenty to do/see in the area (just walk around or go get a coffee) to kill time until your departure time.
First go the Statue of Liberty, then I would just drive around, me take a look at where the WTC towers crashed and commerate those lost, and visit the empire state building.
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