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front panel mod help

Hey, well A while back I went ahead and bought a new case for my computer, I so far have enjoyed it but the airflow is a problem. There are two 80mm mounting spots in the front just under the front panel but the front panel is solid.. so its sorta pointless to have two fans trying to pull air out of nothing..

Below are two quick pictures of my case that I took, the first being the inside of the front panel and the second the front of it.

After thinking about this for a while, and not really wanting to run my computer without the panel on,
I think the best Idea is to cut it somehow and make it have the chance of some airflow.

I have read some tutorials on how to do such thing, but I just cant think of a way to do it... Im really bad at designs and if I take out the button area and cut two holes for the fans then I dont know how to "finish" it up.

If anyone has comments or a suggestion for me, it would help out a lot.

There should be a gap on the bottom of the front panel for air, maybe you missed it. If not you could cut one under the front plastic panel area. If you want more air flow you could try cutting gaps on the side. Just remove the panel and use a small table saw, hand saw, and or drmeall. Little more advance you could cut out a hole and place a fan filter or grill in it's place. Try checking out some of the case modding web sites, like everything else in life Google it...
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