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Is there a way to format an HP system?

Using existing, recovery disk, software so that I can exclude all of their memory devouring HP related software?
You can format your hard drive all you like, but if you insist on using the HP image disk to reinstall, then it is only going to reinstall all of the bundled crap that they throw in.

Your best bet is to reinstall the OS, and then use add/remove programs to remove the software that you want. The only other alternative that I can think of, is to go to a store and buy a real copy of XP

Formatting the system wont make any difference, becuase the software you dont want to install is on the recovery disk.
I wonder if there is a way to figure out what version of XP Media Center my CD key is related to. That way, I could just use my authentic key with a version I could find online. Unless of course my key is directly related to an HP type version of XP...which would suck.
I assume that you mean that your HP machine came with Win XP media center edition?

All copies of Media Center are OEM so your key MAY work with another version. Although I would bet that it will only work with HP versions of MCE.
If you install a normal win version on your HP pc there might be some problems with drivers and software. After I formatted my HP pc and I installed a normal windows xp I couldn't use the coax digital sound output for 5.1 surround sound. And there where some other problems.
rvec: HP makes drivers available on their website...these are generally the latest version and cover everything that needs drivers...besides, windows update generally finds a working version of everything (although i wouldnt use those drivers unless i absolutely had to)
The best way to make your comp to be useful:
- format the babe;
- install a brand new Windows other than the provided by HP;
- download the drivers of your devices (only the basic ones!) at HP website.
spent the 10 minutes and clean it isnt that hard. fix the MSCONFIG and uninstall with the add and remove programs and your in!

give it a try.....
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