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Do you like play computer games?

Computer games have become one of the most favourite pastime among youngsters, I have spend so much time on playing computer games untill don't do anything about the school work....
Yeah. I really do love computer games. They're just great! I wonder what life would be without them: Fifa 06, Fifa World Cup 2006, Cricket 05, Counter Strike and many more......
Yeah, I like playing computer games. It's just so much fun. I can sit there and play for hours and not get bored. Not only do I play the games, but if it's possible, I mod them too. Then it gets really fun. Razz
I don't. Don't know why, maybe lack of time or lack of interest.
Other then a few specific games during periods of time, I dont really play many games on my PC anymore.
Well, of cause it's important to keep up school..

I always priotetes that first!
But after that, I enjoy a relaxing game on my PC Wink

I play oblivion, which is a single player only RPG.. and it's a great game!! I could warmlly recomend it Wink
haha.. game is my life.
i play computer alot. but i love to stick to 1 game and finish it rather than playing many games in same time. my 1st choice- fifa manager (TCM)
I did play when I was in highschool. Then I didn't play so much because I was to busy studying, but now I'm having hollyday and yep, I'm back to into playing again...
But just in my free / spare time...
Used to, Now that I run a Business, I've given up on TV except for 1-2 Hours of TV per Week, I've given up on Gaming except the here and there moments and so on.

But when I was a youngster, I had alot of Games. Console games ect. But I guess I lost interest except for the occasional Flash Games I have a chance to play.
Used to but my computer is busted and I havn't had a decent game in ages, I'm wrapping up all odd-ends like my site, computer gets fixed then I can finish editing projects then I can get back to some nice RPG or FPS, it'll be awesome Laughing. But yeah I don't really have as much time as I used to because of School nowdays and general busyness
i used to play online game called Skyblade... i also have tried playing silkroad online...
I used to play many many games. Now I havent but when friends come over occasionally I play my xbox, pc, gamecube etc.
I play games occasionally. Games that I play now are O2jam and DotA, sadly i suck at it, but i sometimes still do play it when i'm free. Laughing
I love computer games! I wish that they made computer game lan parties as a sporting event every where. Very Happy
Sometimes it's really great to play but rigt now it was a couple of months since I played any game at all... Now in the summertime there's so much else you can do!
I just started kitesurfing and right now it's taking all my spare time!! No chance any computer game can beat this, damn it's fun!

The games I use to play and still do is Trackmania, GTA, Need for speed (Underground and Most wanted)... yeea.. car games it is! Sometimes i also play games like Battlefeild 2 and starwars battlefront..
I love playing Battle Field 2. I even have a site for it. But it is about level editing.
I LOVE to play computer games. I used to spend countless time in computer games everyday. But now i change to video games(xbox) because my computer can no longer support high quality games such as oblivion and ghost recon. And I don't have the money to upgrade my computer either. So i will say taht I would love to play computer games if it can support any kind of games.
Sure, I used to play them all the time... until I got married....
I like gaming, but I only play mmorpg's.

I played Ultima Online for about 8 years or so. Then I got myself a platform, turned my computer into a server and built my own world for UO.

That was great for a while...... it's always nice to be able to take one of your complaints about a game you like and fix it yourself. I ran the server for about 2 years and although it wasn't the top playermade server, it was pretty popular.

Then, as with all things, it was time to move on.

Now, off and on, I play World of Warcraft. I love that game.... but, I only play when I decide to pay the subscription. lol

At one point, I wanted to be involved with the gaming world, programming or whatever. But I never knew where to begin with, I kinda drifted away from gaming.
I play games like the The Sims2, USM and an online racing game called Live For Speed. I usually go into the "drifting" rooms, cause I am a totally car chick....sometimes it sucks being a tomboy lol. Surprised
i love video games, i like playign counter strike and also like sims, and other cool games. wow is cool. and also emulators. nintendo is best.
....sometimes it sucks being a tomboy lol.

lol........ forget that, tomboys rock. They're the best kinda women!
i dont play that many computer games but i often spend a long time on MSN.

I play a fair bit of simcity 4 though.
BATTLEFIELD!!!!!! (1942 mainly) oh and if you play runescape sorry but ur abit of an idiot its not very fun and it makes be think theres somethign wrong with yoiu seriously just dont its lame times like 8.5
well i used to play computer games a lot wen my comp was new.. like for one year.. then i got bored of them and now its studies and occasional surfing!!
johanfh wrote:
I did play when I was in highschool. Then I didn't play so much because I was to busy studying, but now I'm having hollyday and yep, I'm back to into playing again...
But just in my free / spare time...

same here i m also on holiday so will start playing games , pc games are great to play the give hours of fun and also develop brain for encountering difficult situations
world of warcraft ftw! Laughing
I loved playing computer games especially strategy and RPG games last time. But now, no more. Wink Maybe bored already.
Duncan Idaho
Computer games are my life, that and machinima. Im actually going into the game industry after high school. (This year) Probibly see my name in some awesome RPG's credits or somthing.
I only play my games on the computer. I enjoying so much. It will be hard without computer games with me Confused
yea, i love computer games...

especially BF2 and CS
dear god yes. i'm still addicted to counterstrike 1.6. i dont care for that newfangled source. just gimme good old 1.6.
PC games are awesome, especially Day of Defeat and Call of Duty. Actually I think console games are the favorite pastime of youngsters. PC games are the favorite pastime of hardcore gamers like me.

Most people don't feel like going through the trouble of paying money for expensive video cards and processors to play a PC game when they can just spend money on a cheap game console that would play any game they pick up for that console.
Ghost Rider103
PC games are fun, but I perfer the console games, like xbox, they are more exciting, and have a large variety of games, yeah, computer has quite a few of gaes, but the PC games just dont interest me like the xbox does, I guess because when I play a game I like to play it tactical and ost people that I have played with, arnt tactical, and are little kids, so it has drove me away, but xbox has quite a few little kids also, but most of them are on halo2 which I am glad because I dont ever play that game lol. I mostly play Close Combat First To Fight and Ghost Recon Summitt Strike.
I'm also a gamer but I still have time to do my school work. especially now that I'm a senior student already with 4 thesis to finish. playing is good, but don't make it your life. Your life is different than the cyber world. In the cyber world, if you fail level one, you can still continue. But in the real world, its the end of the line.

let's read the definition of computer games:

A computer game is a computer-controlled game. A video game is a computer game where a video display such as a monitor or television is the primary feedback device. The term "computer game" also includes games which display only text (and which can therefore theoretically be played on a teletypewriter) or which use other methods, such as sound or vibration, as their primary feedback device, but there are very few new games in these categories. There always must also be some sort of input device, usually in the form of button/joystick combinations (on arcade games), a keyboard & mouse/trackball combination (computer games), or a controller (console games), or a combination of any of the above. Also, more esoteric devices have been used for input (see also Game controller). Usually there are rules and goals, but in more open-ended games the player may be free to do whatever they like within the confines of the virtual universe.

There it goes.
My life would be without games really empity. I love games, my fav is Mafia: City of Lost Heaven, Call of Duty, Total War series and the newest is Flat Out 2, i really like these!
Yeah. i only played the pc's game since now and very love pc games. Very Happy
Yes, i enjoy computer games.. I think a good majority here does. I myself enjoy RTS ( Real Time Strategy ) and FPS ( First Person Shooters ). Laughing
RTSs [StarCraft, Red Alert, ZeroHour, etc..], RPGs [GuildWars, WoW, MapleStory, FinalFantasyXI(wish I had), etc..], FPSs [Half-Life/2 (TFC, CS, CS:S, ESF, some DoD, I am awaiting Portal and Source TFs..), FEAR, etc..], others that I have tried and/or still play today...
I'm getting a bit tired of all these war games. I've just been playing the demo of Caesar 4. That is more my sort of game: building up rather than knocking down.
i love computer games.

my favorite games is: gta series, fifa series and flatout 2
Ehh i lovem emm all Halo PwNes though!! I play it alot though i like MMO's alot and play EQ, and RO ive played Americas Army (xbox,pc) Halo (xbox,pc)
Halo2 (xbox) COD1-2(xbox,xbox360,pc) and alot of other games for a day!
I also am going into game programming! If any one wants to help just go to my site when it goes up.. im really waiting for it i wonder when it will happen!!!
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