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Shopping in China

Have you guys shop in China? I did a recent experiment. If I use Chinese to ask for the price for a hat, it will be 25 chinese dollars. Then I can argue it down to 15. However, if I use English, I get the price of 30 dollars US.

I am a Chinese, that dude probably think I born in England or something, ha ha, it's very funny. ( I am born in China)

Have you guys (non-Chinese) buy something for too much of a price in China?

I know that 100 chinese money for me can last a week of shopping and buy lots of stuffs. But for my brothers' Amercian teacher, it last for 1 hour. Same product, I got for 12 chinese money, they got it for 120.

Just wondering...
I never go shoping at china.. but I know the things at china is cheaper....
I've live 9 years in China, so yes I've shopped in China. And just in case you're wondering, I'm Chinese.
Never shopped there, But it's obvious things are cheaper there. Too bad with what it would cost to ship it back to Canada, Its not worth the cost.
never shopped in china before, but am planning to go there end of this year with my girlfriend to celebrate christmas there. Would really want to experience how they celebrate christmas there Very Happy
I had a lot of fun in China, I allways liked goign to the 'malls' in beijing and watching all the americans or other non chinese speaking people ask how much something is and based off of how well dressed they are teh price would go higher.

Im not chinese but I have taken 4 years to study the language and also spent two months over there to teach english.

A few of the other people on my team were really good about getting the price down to "normal" price.

But I do respect the merchants for making bussiness better forthem selves. One of the workers that I talked to had to stand there allday without a break,
and its not really that nice of working conditions. So if they are able to get some one to pay more than 200% the normal price, grats to them.

I think the mall was called something moon, or something of the sort. If I remember right it was to the east of the temple of heaven.
I'm hoping to study in China next year, thanks for the tip on how to bargain. No english.
Living in China is cheap, but you have to look asian so you will not be priced high. lol. Being a caucasoid presumed to have a lot of money and will never complain. However, foods are really cheap in China.
i shop in china town which is in Canada. And it is cheap. Some stuff cheaper in other store. But it's hard to hear what ever they are trying to say.
it was real that they would impose more fro foreigners...and I think it is not the case in China, but also in Hong Kong, or other places in the world...some sellers think that travellers would never come back for the exchange of defect product and that they would even sell those products to them..I think such act is very bad and harmful to the countries..
Never believe the first store in China (or any other places..) but need to search around at different stores and you may notice how the product should rationally prcied..

Be a smart customers!
Things are cheap there in China but I don't feel like going there because I think most of the places in China are dirty and foods are dirty too. I've heard so many news about people selling fake stuff in there which is the reason why i hate shopping in China.
wow I didn't know that.. I mean I suspected they would rip off people with higher income but I didn't realize how common it would be. I should try and talk ppl down next time Im in any foreign country (like Canada).
i only buy bootlegs
goods in china is very cheap,but the grocers always cheat you.
Don't they have set prices? I wish I could go to wal mart and talk an employee into selling me something expensive for cheap, that's not how it works here.
where, i mean which city are you in ? and how old are you ? i think it's not a new matter. It has been happening for a long time. You'd better shop more and you know about it. Or try to go shopping with a foriegner.
I had been to Hongkong onec.
it was very nice place to go shopping. There are many street markets and very cheap goods there.
But I know I have to pay attention when I buy something in Chaina.
I was told one story from my friend. He lived in China for his business. One day he went out to go shopping and found one thing.
It was 8Gb memory stick. Have you ever heard about 8GB memory stick. He wondered but sony label was printed on the case.
He bought it and returned his house. He tried to test it. At first it was working well. He tried to copy files for 6Gb from his computer to the memory stick. it seemd to work well at first, but it didn't work any more after 4Gb files transffered.
He went back to the store and replace the other one. But same thing happend. He had to do so 3 times. At first he paid 12 U.S dollar for the memory stick and total 8 U.S dollar for taxi fare. And his memory stick didn't work any more ....... ^^
Hobbit wrote:
Don't they have set prices? I wish I could go to wal mart and talk an employee into selling me something expensive for cheap, that's not how it works here.

actually, they set the price in walmark, so you can't do that there. However, I know you can talk to the cashier and get a better price in book stores.

I think not all Chinese made goods are bad. I think only those that are not originally Chinese products are bad. For examples, Chinese brushes, ink, chinese brand ping pong paddel... are good. However, computer softawre and other computer stuffs are not as good as those made in more advance country.

I think that China can make very good quarity stuffs if they want to. It is just that they want to keep the price low, therefore, the materials they use have to be cheaper, therefore it is not as good.

For example, look at the rockets that China made, not much error had happened rihgt? At least no men die from space travel. Unlike how the US space shuttle blow up becuase of a careless mistake. Therefore I think, China can do a better job of making and repairing something than other country if it want to. It is just that the goods they made are not as good because of the material that the price allow.
Never shopped in China. Maybe I will someday.
yeah, the main thing about China is that virtually all prices are bargainable anywhere...of course, you're white and and tourist, then probably not...

but depending on how you talk to the store owners (goes for small personal businesses, street vendors especially, and department stores), they will lower the prices...they want to get their merchandise sold

i think the best 'shopping' is actually buying food from the old people who sell them from carts on the side of the street Smile

and about your last comment, Billwaa:
I agree with that. It's more because that Chinese motives are a considerably more product driven (like Europe), rather than the US, where the 'looks' of the product take priority.
Actually, shopping in China is not always being cheap. for example, more Chinese are going to Hongkong for some import good such as Omiga and PSP. However, there products that manufactured in China are much cheaper than they are abroad China.
I've been studying Chinese and spent two months in Tianjin (near Beijing) this summer. I'd say that if you're buying a product that's not foreign it's almost always cheaper in China. First, eating was amazing. We could go to really nice resteraunts and spend less than five US dollars. I love Tianjin food. Second, if you can't speak Chinese you're going to get majorly ripped off. Even if you can speak Chinese, if you look American or European you'll still get ripped off. In general our teachers told us to go for getting prices cut in half. Although, even if that doesn't happen, it seems that it's still far cheaper than it would have been in the US.

seanooi wrote:
never shopped in china before, but am planning to go there end of this year with my girlfriend to celebrate christmas there. Would really want to experience how they celebrate christmas there Very Happy

Not to burst your bubble, but I don't think that Christmas is that popular in China, although I did see some random santa-clause pictures while I was there. I have a sneaking suspision that it's because he wears red.Smile
I always wonder why those stores have two price for chinese and foreigners.... even when you visit the forbidden city in Beijing few years ago, foreign visiters have to pay for 50 dollars but chinese only need to pay for 10 RMB...
it's really not two i ssaid, it's the barganing aspect. natives have to pay the full price if they aren't good at hassling the price down...
i'm a chinese, i don't have such experience, perhaps because i live in a small town.

but i have had this experience, when i got to buy something, it was always more expensive than with my mother going. the merchants in fact cheat everyone, the foreigners and children and students may be more serious.

so, i recommand you to buy goods in the supermarket. if you want to feel like some "chinese culture" then you will spend more money.
wendy86 wrote:
I never go shoping at china.. but I know the things at china is cheaper....

Yeah, I agree. The last time a shop for a Flat Monitor for my PC, I saw this monitors that came from China and im suprised with it's tags. It almost half of the prizes with that of the famous "brand-names".
I've been there and buyed alot of things, they cheat on you always, And the quality isn't great. However it is a lot of fun there, it is relativly cheaper there than in Europe for European peolple in my case. I thought to buy a PC but it isn't cheaper there. I"ve seen a lot of Volkswagen Santana there. I was wondering how much such a car there costs.
Hi! Well, I'm living in Shanghai (not Chinese). If I have to buy electronics, I make sure a Chinese friend helps me out with it. Once, I had to buy something that was around 3000yuan (international price). So a Chinese friend of mine helped me out, and he was able to get 1000 yuan off, so I bought it for 2000 yuan and that saved me a whole lot.

I have no bargaining skills. I suppose foreigners are more willing to spend, I know a few people who would be satisfied if they were to get a 20 yuan discount on something that costs 200 yuan. The locals (Chinese) are more persistent, if they really want something, they're willing to spend about an hour bargaining.

The Chinese in Shanghai seems to be wealthier than Chinese in other cities or provinces, sometimes i find something expensive (like a HP desktop had to buy) and they would say it's 'hai keyi'.

One of my Chinese teachers gave us a tip though, she said that if you want to get something for a really good price, you have to be the shop's first customer. That way, you can practically choose your price because the sellers believe that it's good luck when their first customer of the day buys something.
That bargaining tips is quite well-known actually... And I wouldn't call it reaping of the customer".

You have this all the time in western countries too. The price is not always set up on cost + small margin, but on "how-much-the-customer-is-willing-to-pay-for-it". Luxury goods are one good example for this...
The fact that in China (and most of others countries actually you should try in Egypt Laughing ), most westerner or westerned born chinese have more money to spend, is a common beliefs. The sad thing is that it isn't always true now that there are quite some rich chinese too and a real middle class.

As for chinese quality products, it really depends. Nowadays, I can tell you that most of the products you consume are Made in China, that certainly doesn't mean that the quality has gone down, just because there is some quality control. Just like everywhere, you have to be careful in what you buy. Actually, that exactly why and how Brands exist.
I never shopped in China but in china is very cheap.
"Chinese money" - ain't the proper term "Yen"? And ain't like 1,000,000 Yen about 1USD? But things are cheaper in China I guess, they have a HUGE black market. Never been there myself, but I'd sure like to - 1gbps internet!!! z0mg! Twisted Evil Rolling Eyes
My uncle goes over to china alot for work and he always comeback with loads of the newest computer games and technology. He says its really cheap for all that stuff.
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