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How to protect the Hard Disk

How can we protect the Hard Disk from Bad Sector and from Errors.
You can protect your hard disk by making sure that your computer is not being moved around while switched on, ie cleaning under it.

You could also fit a cooling caddy to keep the airflow and temperature down around the drive, as you tend to get failures when hdd's overheat.

Also make sure you are using a quality power supply and quality data cable and that the data cable is connected firmly between the controller and the drive.
Dear friend

Mainly bad sectors are formed due to improper shut downs.Check that you properly shut down your computer.Keep an good ups to your system.
Ok thanks for the informations,
But can you tell me whether we can remove the bad sectors or log files my computer details are

10241405 KB total disk space.
4007780 KB in 47268 files.
15504 KB in 2375 indexes.
80 KB in bad sectors.
112609 KB in use by the system.
53264 KB occupied by the log file.
6105432 KB available on disk.

4096 bytes in each allocation unit.
2560351 total allocation units on disk.
1526358 allocation units available on disk.

please tell me whether it will create problem or not.
Many more utilities are available to remove the bad sectors from your hard disk

one of the main hard disk util for removing bad sector is

HDD regenerator

This utilities remove your hard disk bad sectors... Rolling Eyes
HDD regenerator from where can i get his when i use this whether the harddisk bad sectors will be removed.

and can you tell me why the log files are created?
If HDD has some bad sectors, there will be more bad sectors in future. You cant stop it. You can use your HDD but your information will be not safe. I suggest to change disk.
Not if you catch the bad sectors.

First, backup all of your data in case something goes wrong.

Next, open My Computer

Right-click your hard drive, and click properties

Click the Tools tab

Under Error Checking, click check now.

It will tell you that it haas to check next reboot, so let it restart your computer.

Let the diskcheck run through, most of the time it will fix all the sectors. Boot into Windows and defragment the hard drive to make sure it runs well.

Despite everyone saying otherwise, bad sectors CAN be stopped. I have no idea why everyone thinks they are so unstoppable. Worse come worse, you reformat the whole thing to get back all clean sectors.
thanks for a lot of information given its very useful to my computer
I would also recommend psycosquirrel advice.

No downloads and works nice. Of course if you have WinXP...
If not, you can search for a similar app on the Start menu under "accesories". On "system utilities" or something... I don't remember exactly Sad

Good luck! Smile
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