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Nokia ?

What is the best quality and low price cell phone in the world?

List it..


Give Your Suggestions?
I am using Nokia & Motorola Handsets for the past few years. Comparing to Motorola Nokia is having easy menu navigation. But In India I can get Motorla price comparing to Nokia.
Anyway My vote is for Nokia only.
Best Phone in the market. Great features and bang for buck : Nokia 6681

No I do not own it. But I wish I did.

In Indiaa friend has bought it for Rs 14000. When I met my brother recently he also happened to have the same phone. It's a great phone for guys. Very masculine. Girls might be put off by the exterior. But inside it has everything you would need from a midrange phone and more.
Probably the cheapest phone that I came across, I actually purchased and that was a Sagem MYX2-2 for £25 GBP in woolworths and this included £10 of talktime on Virgin mobile, after using the phone, it is solid as a rock performance wise.
Thanks for all for posting about this suggestion Laughing
Nokia 6681

No I do not own it. But I wish I did.

In Indiaa friend has bought it for Rs 14000

I got it for Rs. 12,750

I think u can get it cheaper soon.
It's a good phone, though bulky.
The Motorola - Moto Razr and the like series are really cool too.

But I prefer Nokia because:
Nokia chargers are everywhere - if u forget urs u can also borrow from someone else.
Even emergency Nokia chargers are available that use a normal battery
how to connect the nokia with the PC can you help me
tamilparks wrote:
how to connect the nokia with the PC can you help me

You only need a cable and the software.
The cable that you are looking to get is probably DKU-2 or DKU-5.

Along with that you need the drivers and the Nokia PC Suite.

Find more here -
Well, if we're talking about Nokia, I must ask:

Should I buy the Nokia 6280?

The prices went down sharply before September and I really need a good phone.
If not 6280, then what other phone has good battery lifetime (minimum charge rate = every night), a very good speaker and 3G features (Yes! I actually need the video calls!).
Basically, I need a multimedia centre in my hand and I prefer Nokia.
I would not go for the 6280... I know what I am talking about, I own it... Dust always comes inside the case. Often I can't call anyone and can't be called. It just doesn't want to connect me... Some days ago, the left-ear speaker of the headset just didn't work but after two days, it suddenly worked fine again. Strange thing. The slider isn't the best one, too. I've gotta admit, it has got the most features in this price class at the moment, that's right but it definitely partly is not very good. I'd take that into consideration. Check out some other forums where they only talk about mobiles. If you speak german try out it's really good....
Nokia definitely rocks.....i own a nokia 3230 which i got for 11000 and its a great piece with all that u can ask for in a decent mobile. And as everyone knows be it user interface or reliability NOKIA is the best. Looking forward to get my dad also a new nokia mobile. Any suggestions ??
Da Rossa
I think you got the three best brands of cells, but the quality of them differs from model to model. There are ridiculous motorolas, there are fast-clean nokias, there are smartphones from both, sony-ericson is emergin now, the price is not the best, the design is not the best (imho).

Watch the models, not the brands.
The same as Da Rossa!
Think of Nokia as a PC and Sony Ericsson as a Mac.

95% of the market is ruled by PCs, but that's only because they don't know what a Mac is. Software and general know-how for SE models is just like that. But so is the experience - you'd never get that from a conventional Nokia. Series 60v3 should have something better to offer - should I call it the equivalent of Windows Vista?

I have an SE k700i. Call it a cheap Mac mini if you will.
NOKIA is the leading company in Mobile Phone bussiness.
Nokia phone are very usefull with a lot of fonctions like MP3player, Digital Camera, Operating system etc..

Samsung and Sony ericsson are also good companies but there phones are not as complete as Nokia.

For example: the news N93 Nokia Phone can make video with a DVD quality that's amazing.
The N93 is a Phone as well as a good Recording Camera.

And the 8800 from Nokia is just wonderfull. I really want that phone.
The only problem is that this phone is a little bit expensive for now
Da Rossa
I'd advise you to stay away from the 8800. It's pure cosmetic.
As for the n93... woohoo camera that produces dvdquality video? OMG... what's the internal/expandable memory? The screen resolution? This is weird at least.
I'm using Nokia ...

But check this out !!!

True mobile imaging

Cyber-shot™ digital still camera. And mobile phone

It’s here. A Cyber-shot™ digital camera and a small and sophisticated feature-packed EDGE phone all in one. Bring the K790i with you and you have a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, image and video stabilizer and built-in Xenon flash ready for any moment, anytime.

BestPic™ technology lets you capture several images in quick succession with one press of the camera key. Pick the best. Delete the rest. A camera stabilizer function compensates any small movement of your hand when you’re taking a picture and shooting video. When you’ve taken a photo, you can share it straight away using Bluetooth™, multimedia messaging or blog it.

It's a digital camera which can make phone calls !!!

Though i own a nokia 6600 i strongly recommend all my friends "Walkman" series phones fom Sony Ericsson.All the phones(except W550i) are perfect phones with all the features that you will starve for......2 mega pixel camera,photo editor software,music dj,video software and coming to the musical aspects.....The sound quality is superb and excellent.The phone is stylish,cool and damn sexy that all will easily like the piece......For more details check out yourself at

Where i live, there is a lot of people with Motorola RAZR phones. Also a lot with the Sony Ericsson phones and only a few with Nokia phones.

Personally, I'm saving up for the Sony Ericsson K750i.

I feel the Motoralla is slightly ugly? Just my opinion. The Nokia phones I feel is bit too stylish?
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