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Mac Pro Released!

Should Apple made new cases for the Intel line? Like they did for all the other CPU upgrades.
 33%  [ 3 ]
No (keep the way it is)
 66%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 9

It's offical Apple has released the Mac Pro and it makes the old PowerMac look like a toy.

with cpus ranging from 2x 2ghz dual-core xeon with 4mbs of shared cache to 2x 3ghz dual-cores xeon with 4mbs of cache @ 64bits.

but it comes at a price the cheapest being around 2150 with just the 3ghz upgrade it is 3600.

EDIT: Poll added.
They might be expensive but it is probably worth it. I am going to spring for one as soon as lepord is released. I think that apple still needs to get through through the rosetta phase and release there true intel os. It's still hard to belive that apple switched to intel chips. Rolling Eyes
yeh, butI don't know about you but if apple switch hardware then made it so I couldn't use my old software I would be pissed off.

I like that Idea wait till lapeard is released then buy a mac pro. I'm interested in buying a new computer but I want a playstation 3 and I also need a car so I think I kind of need money Razz for some thing more inportant(a nice car) then a expensive computer
Yeah the New mac is out. It is a lot better set up than the old setup. My father plans to pick it up. I'm Nvidia fan, but the 7300GT sounds like a worthless pile of junk, anyone tested it out? I'm not a big fan of the whole Mac look, the iMacs just are painful to look at.
I'm gonna wait til leopard is release also then by the 3Ghz MacPro. I'm hoping that they will rev the MacPro line to have the Clovertown chips (4-core) in them by then. That would make them 8 core MacPros. I'm saving my $$$ now for that.
Gosh, I'm about to build a high end gaming computer, so I don't have any money left for a Mac. I wish I could get this, though. Four cores is incredible, and you can get up to 2 terabytes of space and 16 GB of RAM. The graphics are great, though they aren't the best in the world. If you configure this with the highest options, it's about $18000. Shocked (Should I buy a computer or a car? Razz ) Anyway, it's a great computer.
That Mac Pro, sure is awesome! And it's cheaper than a Dell. (In fact, I think most Macs are.)

Anyway, I think that it's good that Apple kept their case designs the same right now. It shows people that might be a little freaked out that these are still Macs, not something weird like a PC. Now, 'NeXT' year, I think they could start getting creative again. BTW the Mac Pro is like totally redesigned on the inside and the outside is a little different.
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