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Is it possible to build your own laptop?

Just wondering if you can buy a laptop "case" like, the lcd and keyboard and plastic, but mobo and everything sold separately.
Yes, But it's nearly no different from buying it prebuilt. Laptops usually are built with Proprietary Motherboards and Components. So you know it's not going to be cheap.

And because of that, Only certain components would fit in the Case and so on.
Dear friend

Yes it is possible to assemble laptop.But you should be very carefull in purchasing components.First you should check the components you want to buy fits into laptop case & each components are compatable.
Yes it is possible.

No it isn't worth it. To build your own laptop would mean just buying a motherboard, etc parts from one company. Like Sony or Dell. All your really doing is building a laptop that you can already buy built.

Not to mention how hard it is to assemble a small item like a laptop.

Then you end up with the issue that all the laptop parts cost more then the laptop. Like a replacment motherboard for a new laptop may cost 300 dollars and then the Cd drive replacment may cost 100 dollars then the screen 200 that is 600 just for 3 parts that isn't a running laptop and you need the exturnal power supply (~60) battery (~100) keyboard mouse... Well you get the idea. and now a days you can buy a new laptop for 600
Yes, it can be done. Though, like everyone said, it's not worth it. When you build a desktop, you're most likely saving money, though that is not the case when it comes to building laptops. Like Xeniczone said, you'd most likely have to buy most of the parts from one company. (There are a lot of compatibility issues.) In addition, building a desktop is fairly easy, though a laptop is smaller, and far more difficult.

So, basically it can be done, it is just not a good idea.
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