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Mac Os X Leopard and WWDC 2006 keynote

Please, write here your comments about the presentation of the new MacOS X Leopard and the new MacPro ...

Good news ? A step far ahead the coming Win Vista ? Still waiting the DualCore 2 MAc Book Pro ?
It was a great (but a little lackluster) keynote. The Mac Pro looks like a load at a great price. Leopard looks great also, a real nice logo thats for sure. My favorite features shown are:

1. iChat's new tabs, look, and screen sharing mode.
2. Spaces - looking for this a long time now, Linux has had this a while.
3. Time Machine - great backup with cool UI

And whats even better? They showed my widget on the keynote. Great stuff.

Much needed additions to OSX. its kinda sad that it sounds like apple is gonna try to replace quicksilver with spotlight. quicksilver is by far my most used app. I don't know if spotlight could really do the job as well as quicksilver.
Timemachine is looking very exciting. There are still a ton of new features that I'm hoping they will add before the final release.
- improved find: cleaner UI (unified); tabs; good ftp functionality like transmit
- better javascript support in safari
- virtualization integrated at the os level. it would be awesome if they let you access a bootcamp partition via virtualization from within osx. or boot the same bootcamp partition via something like parallels. that way you could dual boot for true native performance and virtuallization for just running that one quick app (like testing a site in ie).
- the rumored bittorrent bandwith sharing would be nice too.
- I would also like to see all of the apps have a unified UI. no more of this mixing brushed metal and unified.
- etc...
I hope these are included in the "secret features" that steve mentioned.
Yup really looking forward to all the new features. A few annoying things could be done away with (like nonuniform UIs for some apps). The new Xeon Mac Pros look really good (pricey?) but anyway are a good enough deal pitted against equivalent PCs, I guess. Can't wait to get my hands on one.

I'm dying to get my hands on the keynote from somewhere because I missed it. The virtualization improvements are much welcome, so is the firewall. Great job (as always?) apple Very Happy
- better javascript support in safari

Whats wrong with Safari's javascript support? CSS 3 I would like to see though.

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