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First-Time College Student

I'm a freshman in college and the experience so far has really opened my eyes to being independent. My sister is my roommate, but I still can feel the change. High school was definitely easier since I could come home to my parents who were willing to do my laundry if I was too tired to do it myself. Now I have no one to cater me anymore. My sister has homework like I do so we both have to manage our time around our daily chores. Thank God for on-campus meal plans!

If you want, share your first-time college experiences and/or tips here. Very Happy
more friends ,more exciting...
Um you are just starting college, well after the second year things are going to get bad,well not really bad just you might beraly sleep,well it all depends of what is your major...Have fun
im starting college on the 29th of august i think well im going to franklin college in grimsby which is in england. any way im really looking forward to starting college such as meeting new friends and learning new things i just hope that i get at least 5 c grade GCSE's im really nervouse as during my exams my girlfriend cheated on me and dumped me so it was really hard to concentrate so im just nervouse of the results and i need to set up my ema really soon if any one knows any advice for not been nervouse bout my results which i get them on the 25th of august so if anyone knows any tips or advice please tellme please.
thank you.
When you are a freshman the challange is to adapt to the diferencies of the college and hig school life. But as soon as you move to sophomore, junior an senior the challenge is to cope with the academic load as clasess turn to be harder and then comes the pressure of the thesis. So if you are feeling overwhelmed being a freshman, I tell you, Smile and enjoy it because tomorrow will be worse
I can actually remember my first year of college. (hey I'm not THAT old Smile ) A couple of suggestions.

First, get to know your Residental Advisor (Whatever he is called) He/she can help you out with a lot of things.

Second, Get to know your colleges Librarians. They are a wealth of untapped information in how to research, write, and proofread any type of paper you can come up with. (can you tell I'm a Librarian now Wink )

Don't worry about fitting in. This isn't highschool, everyone is different there isn't the clichish nature in college (well, mostly).

Don't be affraid to try new things (preferrably legal things) The best times I had in college were out of class with room/dorm mates, Friends, etc. You'd be surprised at who and what you will find interesting.

To go along with that last one, Don't Rule Anything Out.

And on a parting note. Don't get too worried about things. Do your best, and you should do fine. (And don't forget to sleep). College isn't that hard if you don't make it so.

And one last thing.

Take everything One Day At A Time. If you start trying to cope with the future you'll get bogged down and feel behind. Just take it one day at a time and you'll be happier for it.
Thanks for the tip! That's very comforting... Very Happy
Hey Its Nice you are now in College. NICE and Memorable days to come...

Anyway I had a few bad experience during the first days in my college.
But after I had some talk with all the senior guys ITS all cool and fine..

So just go out and be urself. Dont ever be afraid.!!! That is the tip. Be BOLD.

Do create new friends and get to know the surroundings of ur college...
ne2 Luka
College days are generaly considered one of the best days of one's lifetime. This is an exzageration but there is some truth in it. The best of it is that there are so many students in one place of similar interests. So it's easy to meet many friends that are actualy compatible to you with whom you can really talk on certain subjects of interest. A "Healthy discussion" is derived from there. The main "plus" in college is that you learn many new things about subjects you are really interestend in (preferably).
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