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help me split my *.ISO

hello guys, just wondering if you could help me split my CIV4 DVD installer into 2CD installer. im doing this so that my friend could install it in his computer (he doesnt have a dvd-rom).

so is there a tool for splitting *.ISO (civilization IV game) into 2CD or more.

thanks in advance. i realy hope someone could help me.
theres no out-of-the-box tool that will help u do that (as far as i know atleast)...
im pretty sure its possible but itll take quite some hacking...i did see a thread somewhere about spreading a SuSe install over 4CD's or so instead of the DVD but that was quite complicated...maybe googling for that will give some insights
i tried every search (google,yahoo,msn,etc...) but there's no clear topic about this or a software perhaps that could split.

as of now im trying my powerISO to split it into 2DSK.daa i hope it will work if installed.

but if someone of you that knows how to make a working split please help me. i dont care if its complicated or what... i'll do everything if i have to. Very Happy
My Suse Linux came with a bunch of cd's but there was a tutorial that showed how you can "split" suse dvd into cds. Insted the easier way is to make a virtual dvd drive and just mounting the image on that. In your case the best thing to do would be to just take out your dvd drive and let your friend borrow it for a couple hours to install it.That's what i would do.
i did find this:
but that ofcourse is ONLY for converting SuSe CD's to DVD's

i guess the only way to do what u want would be to create an iso of the CIV4 dvd, split it into 2 or 3 or how many ever 700MB segments (winrar or winzip can do that), burn those onto CD's, copy them to your friends computer, rejoin them to get one big iso, then mount it using whatever virtualization software u have (somewhat along the lines of what linexpert said, but anyways Razz)

or really, just buy a dvd drive...those things are just 20$ nowadays
i got my dvd burner for $10 + shipping and handling after $90 rebate on tigerdirect. they are cheap if you look in the right places. nonetheless, if you are intent on using a cd drive, 7-zip ( is a free, open-source program which will decompress .iso just like you decompress .zip w/ winzip or winrar.
There would be a much more simpler solution: buy an USB pen-drive (2GB should be enough) and use it to transfer the DVD iso or data (compress it if it's very big) from your computer to your friend's one.

Then you can install the game directly from the pen-drive or mount the iso with a virtual-cd program.
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