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Hi everybody,

Ok right basically I want to be prepared to get a new battery for my iPod mini that's on its way.

Now I want one of those 18 hour batteries

I've been looking around on eBay etc and they have batteries with 500mAh? Can somebody tell me how long will this make the battery last on a full charge? And which would be suitable for 18 hours?

Can anyone post the various options available. I live in India. I would also be interested in various other ipod accessories.

Anyone with any query, suggestions or requests about ipods or ipod accessories, please post them here.

Thank you, sorry if my post is a bit sketchy, i'm tired.

I didn't even know the mini had replable betteries. Rolling Eyes
You're planning on replacing this yourself? How do you know the battery will be compatible? The mini has been discontinued so I don't think they've made any improvements to the 8 hour battery...

As for accessories, I would recomend the iPod speakers and the iTrip, those are my favs....

Good luck with the battery situation Confused
yabbie wrote:
I've been looking around on eBay etc and they have batteries with 500mAh? Can somebody tell me how long will this make the battery last on a full charge? And which would be suitable for 18 hours?

Good question. You may need to look more closely at the actual specifications for the unit. The rechargeable AA batteries that I use in my camera are 2400 mAh, so 500 doesn't sound like very much. Much of it will depend upon the unit, itself, and especially how loudly you play it.
I would take all the money you're willing to drop on iPod accessories and invest in ANY other type of HDD music player. Google search "iAudio" and you'll come up with a very nice company that makes much better music players than Apple. Apple just makes all of their products sooooo damn flashy that anyone will be willing to drop a few bills just to have the latest eye candy. And the truth of the matter is, you're generally paying for a lot more than what you actually get with apple. Most the accessories made JUST for the iPod are overpriced because that's how Apple makes their profits; sell a music player that needs proprietary hardware so you can sell that hardware at whatever price you want. Shocked
I don't like the ipod ... its price is very high ! too high ! the Quality/Price rate is not very good !
I prefer ,for exemple, the iriver H10 ... !!!
How about MoVo? Hehehe Laughing

I have my N91 phone instead. 4GB of multimedia. <i>Pwede!</i>
Am in similar situation as you have put up Yabbie. I have a 30Gb video ipod. And whoever said ipod's are not worth their money (though I got it at a lip smackin price) should see it. Its worth all the money its charged. If they do not charge that much money, then every pick and patter will have and then the trend goes off.

But that is not the real thing that I needed to post about. I want to know about the external charge storage for 30 GB ipod's. I can play videos in this for a period of just 5 hours, but this is not enough while am travelling, so I want to know whether there is any such charging device which extends the play time of ipod's.

If any such device is available then what are the options I have.

What is the best such device available in the market.

Any Indians, please tell whether these devices are available in India.
iTrip is cool Cool
Tivoli Audio has also made a iPod compatible radio called iSongBook. That΄s pretty cool, but also pretty expensive Razz
The iPod is extremely well marketed for something that is basically just an empty box - think about it - without your own MP3's, it basically does nothing.

It's an ok product - lots of style & functionality, but not a crazy amount of sense (mainly in the battery area - unreplaceable, why?). How do these 'extended life' batteries work? In the case of the iPod, if it's not an official Apple or Apple-endorsed product, I wouldn't trust it. You don't want to risk damaging your ipod battery because it's an annoyance to get it changed.
i have an ipod mini... but i dont use it anymore Smile a year back i bought sony eric k750i.. and its as good as my ipod... i dont really need all those GBs in the ipod coz i have access to my comp all day... and i can store upto 300 songs on my 1 GB MS duo in my cell.. big factor.. there is NO diff in sound quality as long as you use good set of earplugs... why carry 2 things when 1 does everything...??
soon i am getting a k800i... and for sure will put 2 GB card in it! Smile
Sorry, this doesn't really apply, but it is iPod, not Ipod, or ipod, or IPod. Not that it matters in the least bit or that anyone really cares, but just fyi.
I got my iPod Mini last year right before the iPod Nano's came out. I'm really ticked off at that now, I should have waited a little longer to get the color-screen iPod with half of the thickness to it. Sad Oh well, but I got the bigger one, a Silver 4GB.

The battery now is starting to act a little tacky, where it doesn't last as long off the charge. When I take the thing off of the charge for about 2 days, the thing dies until I recharge it.

I read on Wikipedia that iPods are only meant to last for a few years, so if you really think that buying a replacement battery is going to fix the problem, I wish you the best of luck.

When my iPod goes, I'm just going to buy something else, as I'm sure I'll run out of storage space on my iPod Mini eventually. If you have the 2GB model - is it really worth it to change the battery ?

- Mike.
Just buy a nano, they're a better option than trying to replace the battery yourself for many of the reasons mentioned above.
just curious to make a comparison, the 30Gb model is 300$ in my home country, and the 60Gb is 400$ . How much is it in your countries?
I think your better off buying a new one or something.
My ipod came with an 18 hour battery (second generation mini)
The battery life isnt much more than a few hours now though. Cant afford to do anything with it so i think i will have to get a memory stick for my samsung z500 phone instead.
yeah, I always confused with the storage and battery, you can never play all the 4G's music with a 18 hour battery...
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