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Discuss: Can AJAX run fine on linux Platform ?

I don;t sure since i want to implan my sites running AJAX, i need to be sure Smile
so how about u guys ?
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FireFox can support Ajax, and FireFox can run on Linux, so yes if they use FireFox or any other up-to-date browser. It doesn't matter what platform they're on, just their browser.
but i read that for running ajax the browser need a component xmlHttp that only windows have, so are u sure ? have u tested it ? Smile
Ajax stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XHTML. If your web browser supports Javascript and XHTML, it supports ajax.

Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, etc, all support ajax, regardless of platform.
Agent ME
Philip wrote:
but i read that for running ajax the browser need a component xmlHttp that only windows have, so are u sure ? have u tested it ? Smile

Internet Explorer (which is NOT limited to windows - there's a Mac version) has an ActiveX component called xmlhttprequest, but all up-to-date browsers (including FireFox) have their own version of it. The ActiveX version has a few more features, but I've never seen much use for some of its extra features.

Just make sure your script tries to make it as an ActiveX object or a normal object and you'll be fine.
Thanks for the info, so i just to make sure all my user have used browser with last updated Smile
anyway how about if someone used browser based unix operationg system ?? will it work ?
I use linux all the time and I don't have problems with AJAX using and AJAX development. Wink
be sure, that you will have more problems to make pages working in IE.
Other modern browsers are able to do everything you want.

(Modern browserd are: Firefox, Konqueror, Opera, Safari and maybe others NOT IE, IE is the nightmare of web developers especially me.
I'm using firefox, konqueror, opera, and IE in wine (windows emulator) and all these browsers are able to do almost everything I want.)
yap me too, when i was programming a page using javascript, it work on my opera, after finished one of my user using IE, and all thinks blowed up my head.. ouwch...
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