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I'm going to be single

I'm going to be single, I've decided today. I'm going to embrace this fact in everyway. I've actually been single for quite some time, over a year. Oh, how I've fought it, really tried to get into something new. I have finaly come to terms with I can't make it happen. Its just going to have to happen on its own.

I'm cool with who I am, I know exactly when it became that way for me. Just a moment in a chain of events, not even that big of a deal. I wasn't excited or filled with joy, just calm and comfortable for a change. I've been that way ever since. Some how my past was explaned and my path into the future was clear. Seems like I just know what to do now.

I know what I can give, I'm certain of that. I know what I need, I'm certain of that, as well. I think I've decided that being open to finding "the one" in, mabye, a not so obvious a place is the path to take. I'm going to be approachable and keep my eyes open. I'm going to have fun with single.
I'm happy for you.

There's a lot of people out there scared of the concept of being 'single', so it's good that you are comfortable with it. Personally, I've always been of the mentality that dating someone, just for the sake of dating someone, is silly. The funny part is, once you stop trying so hard, things might just start to happen.
angelussum wrote:
The funny part is, once you stop trying so hard, things might just start to happen.

A surprisingly large amount of people seem to say this. I hope its true. I am single at the moment, and i am also comfortable being single. Its nice being able to do my own thing, after being strangled in a relationship for the last 4 years.
It is true. Once you stop trying so hard, you mentally lose focus. This isn't a bad thing. It makes it a long time seem like just a few days. I'm basically saying that things happen on their own, and most of the time a person can't change or alter events. Love cannot be manipulated. Acting like you love someone when you really don't will get you nowhere.

Remember, you're single, and you like it that way, right? It's a good thing. Most people feel like they have to date someone because they think it will improve their social status. Relationships formed in this way almost never work out. Besides, it is good to have some downtime between relationships. You shouldn't be rushing into a relationship again right after a break-up, or you might still have some feelings for you ex. Remember that.
I've been single; I've been married
Repeat 2 more times.

And I know this one thing. Being single is better than being with the wrong person!

Good luck! You will do fine with that attitude.
I don't know why being single is looked down at so much. I know a couple people that are only in a relationship, on who's married, only because they're afraid of being single and don't want to "die alone."
I believe that you should never force a relationship. You'll find "the one" if you let time pass and just live your life regularly.
Don't worry about being single, it's not a bad thing. Enjoy being single, while you can. Very Happy
I wasnt single for 3 years, when that relasionship was over, i figured out how much freedom I have now that im single. I dont have to worry about as much stuff as i did when i was in a relationship.

Being single shouldnt be a bad thing, a whole bunch of people are single. I think it is good to accept that you are single and that its not a "bad" thing.

Dont get me wrong, being in that relationship for those 3 years was awsome, but i missed out on alot of stuff all my other friends were doing.

good luck! and just be HAPPY Razz
I think being single is looked down upon for only those who rushed into a relationship only to see it fall apart at the first sight of conflict. People overreact during breakups, in my opinion. People who have been single most of their lives feel fine about it, actually.
You know I'm getting real comfortable with it. Seems like I can focus on more important things. I think I really thought that I could never be happy single. After the first full year of single life as an adult, I'm starting to enjoy it. I also would have to say that in retrospect, I was way to cavalier for my own good. I also tink that I have less fear for the future as a whole.
I feel like that everyday, I just want to almost give up and just be single, but then I'll see this really good couple and be jealous and think about if I had someone to care for, to love.
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