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Designers site ! designers needed !!

Guyz !!!

visit the best site you'll ever visit !!

i dont need comments and feedback...

i need new designers.... anyone who can design and code some sweet and slick and awsm templates is welcomed as staff to SoloThemes at all times !

plz register and post in the forums on my site if you wish to apply... or post here....

Thank You For your time to read this..
Salman Hijazi
Are you just giving the templates away? Is this a paid position? On another note, all of the scrolling text and links in many of the boxes is rather annoying and not user friendly at all.
Didn't you already post this? The only difference is the .com

Anyways, I liked the template I saw, I couldn't find any more though.
well first of all... yes... all templates on my site are free for download....

and all present templates are located in the "Themes" section.. plz check both navigations...

also the scrolling text is to make the page smaller as longer pages are more annoyin and even mnore not user-friendly...

im looking fordesigners who are willing to design template that others can download for free... for this yoiu need a big heart and a generous personaltiy like mine Very Happy ..

if u have the skil... improve it here... work on more templates and learn new things untill u can make template that sell for like 100$...

i will soon be getting a account and will start selling templates... so if your as godd as what i can "Professional" i will put your template up for sale too.. giving you part of profits...

but that is if you become a designer for from this stage....

Thank You
Salman Hijazi
[quote="Hobbit"]Didn't you already post this? The only difference is the .com

Yes he did already post this. How annoying to click thinking I'm going to see a new website and only go to one I've already seen and forgotten.

im just here in search of new staff members coz i need more admins and designers... i want a whole team for just like all other sites....

in the near future i will even start to pay all my respected staff members according to the quality of work they come up with...

so if u got the skill... you get to show it here.....

by the way.. when i posted this topic here before.. it was like 2 months back !
! bump !
ok ill b the one.
ill post my swish created templates..(soon)
jayzee wrote:
ok ill b the one.
ill post my swish created templates..(soon)


you are most welcome! just throw me ur best work and ill assign u a position.....

Thnx ! Laughing
hey...i wanna be apart of your site too Laughing Even though i'm not a pro in designing websites.. i'm still learning..i can do div templates (example : haha..

everyone is welcome to show me thiere work... i will see how you do stuff and then rate your work... according to that i will assign you a position on my site.... but first you have to register on my site and visit the admin request forum... there is a sticky post... folo instruction and you go through easily..

and if your chew yourself... and the design of your sitre is workf of your own... then i gotta say... nice work !! that looks pretty awsm ! Very Happy

your more than welcome to join my site staff...

thnx for interest... Very Happy
thx.. Smile

anyway, i really like ur idea... Wink
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