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What do lyrics mean to you?

Sure I like listening to the beats of some songs, even though I can't stand the lyrics. But, usually I try to get lyrics that I like, especially things that mean something. Anti-flag is a good one for me, they are trying to do something with their lyrics, that is important to me and only makes me like them even more.

How about you guys? Do you just listen to whatever has a good beat or sweet guitar riff? Are you really strict about yuor lyrics? Are you somewhere in between? What do you think?
Well I'm a metalhead, and a lot of bands have pretty bad lyrics... like Children of Bodom. But still, their music is really good - so I still listen to them a lot and they're one of my favorite bands. Other metal bands, like Wintersun or Ensiferum, have excellent lyrics and excellent music - so I prefer that band to Children of Bodom. Lyrics can increase the coolness-factor of a band for me, and I do think they're pretty important... just not for every band, and it's not 100% needed Very Happy
Lyrics is very important for me.
I like Opeth's and Arcturus' lyrics Smile
Iron Maiden - well, nothing to add here. Simply kings.

IMO, you like the band because of it's style, and one of the main factors to determine a style of a band is it's lyrics.
Also, I don't search for lyrics I can "connect" to, in other words, I don't need to feel like I've experienced whatever is talked about in the song.
I just like songs that make an interesting story.
Lyrics mean a lot to me in a song. I'm a an of mainly black, death, speed, and thrash, and you'll find a lot of god awful lyrics out there. But, lyrics isn't everything, like the guy a few posts above me said. I prefer raw musical talent over lyrics, but there are a few bands that just seem to create poetry out of everything they write...

I think power metal tends to have the cheesiest vocals ever. If you want proof, just go listen to some Stratovarius, and you'll see what I mean. Laughing
Stratovarius rock Smile I like the title "Speed of Light".

Anyway, listen to Apocalyptica, for example. They don't need any lyrics.

In Metal/Rock, vocals are just a hammer, and lyrics are the nails.
Take also Jazz for example, there are some solos where the pianist (or other musician) just sing in unrecognised gibberish.
No lyrics. He's using his vocals as an instrument only, w/o the nails Wink

In other styles, however, such as Rap or Pop, lyrics play a bigger part because of lesser musical creativity.

Anyway, let's not have a "Genre War" here... hehe

In conclusion, in the genre I like (Rock), lyrics don't play a big part. Smile
Lyrics are very important, but they are only one part of the entire art. In addition, one must also consider music and vocal quality.

Many times, I have heard great lyrics with mediocre music and bad voices. On the other hand, I have lost count of the number of songs I have heard that started out great, only to be ruined by the vocals or lyrics.

My favourite example of this is the group Dream Theater. Someone let me listen to one of their CDs, and I loved the music. As soon as the singing started, however, they lost me with voices and lyrics that completely turned me off. Fortunately, the person who had lent me the CD let me know about Liquid Tension Experiment, which was mostly the same performers, but only instrumental, and I loved it! (Unfortunately, they only made two CDs, but I now have each.)

One more note: there is also an oft-neglected lyric-to-music connection. Many people fail to realize how important it is for the music to be appropriate for the lyrics. One of the main examples of failures in this department is Contemporary Christian Music (yes, I have very wide and eclectic tastes). A typical example of which is Sandi Patty's, "Oh, Lord our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth" for which the music is not the least bit majestic, but would be more appropriate if the lyrics were, "Oh, Lord our Lord, how delightful is your name in all the earth."

Thus, the lyrics are very important to me, but especially within the context of the integration of lyrics, music, and vocals.
I think that lyrics should put you into a certain mood. I really enjoy songs that lift you up and make you feel happy and good about yourself. Songs can be like anthems and reach out to people and make them feel happy or sad.

A song can also make someone feel like they can do anything, like they can go out and accomplish whatever they want. For me, a song's lyrics should really affect people in a postitive manner.
I play in a band where lyrics and riffs are equally important. A lot of the time we can have a great riff but just find it's impossible to fit any lyrics to it. This means we scrap the riff and start again.

At the same time however, if we have good lyrics written before we start thinking about the tune, we have to make sure that we back them up with good riffs.

So basically, lyrics are very important in any song but by the same merit they cannot make a song good on their own.
Lyrics mean a lot to me. I may stop listening to one if its lyrics are something against my opinion or too silly xD. Even if I don't know the language the song is written on, I look up for translations into English or Russian and then see xD
mistuh griddlez
I'm sort of in between. Lyrics mean alot to me, but so does the quality of the music itself. Now I personally love random lyrics (Hence the fact that Lemon Demon is one of my favorite bands.) but I also enjoy lyrics that make me appreciate the artist for being meaningful. (Also a song is more enjoyable with example is Green Day's song Last Ride In which I don't really like because of the lack of any singing at all.)
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